Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friends are like a four-leaves clover

My sister complained that it's so dull and boring to see my blog without the touch of fashion so I began to have a transition from story-telling to fashion. To be honest, I prefer to write stories in which I can share my thoughts with the others rather than posting pictures of fashion {because I'm not a true fashionista}. A friend of mine {you know who you are!}was talking to me over the MSN and she asked what's with fashion now? She's just back  from her business trip and decided to just have a sneak peek at my blog. She was expecting some good stuffs to read but the last 2 blog posts I have are just about fashion. She wasn't happy with the way my blog has turned out. She wants me to return to my 'old-fashioned' way. I also asked one of my readers, he prefers more story-telling. Since you guys are my loyal readers so I've decided to do the way you guys want it to be. So here I come back with another story to tell.

Friends are like a four-leaves clover. They are hard to find but lucky to have. Friends come and go but true friends stay forever. These days, as I grew older, I only have a few friends that I stick out with. Real friends are better than having more friends, don't you think?

I admit that I'm the type of person who is hard to let people in. I'm not easy to make friends with everybody. I don't like to talk shit. I trust little and I judge! It sounds harsh, I know, but in the end what we're talking about is friendship that will last forever even though it's only a select few.

I'm talking about girl friends here in majority. Girls can be bitchy, deceiving, and spread malicious gossip. I hate a needy friend who only takes advantage of me and other people. Speaking of this, it reminds me of someone I know. We used to be close friends back then in Shanghai. The more we hang out the more I comprehend her true character. I would describe her as a 'parasite'. Why is it so? She's nice to everybody and she makes friends with as many people as possible because she's after something from them in future. I tried to give in at first till this friend of mine warned me not to get closer to her anymore. I think my friend is right and I completely agree that she's not even worth it to be called a friend.

Just to give you a real example. She doesn't practically live in Jakarta but she has loads and loads of friend here. However, every time she visited Jakarta she would contact me because she knows she has nowhere else to stay except my place. I sometimes wonder why didn't she just stay at one of her friends' place...why it has to be me? Because I know we wouldn't be hanging out together anyway, she would hang out with her friends but she just used me for a place to crash. What a bitch isn't she?

There this time that she wanted to move to Singapore to find a job. She knew that I have a good friend of mine who works in Singapore. So she sort of asked my help then I asked my friend to please help her if she went to Singapore. My friend is a guy, he's a good friend of mine from my hometown. When she was already in Singapore, my friend was willingly venturing down from one place to another just to help her finding a place to stay. He even helped her finding a job but she wasn't lucky enough to get one {but at last she landed a job because of me! I asked another friend of mine from Uni  to help her get into the company where she used to work}. When she was in need, she contacted my friend every day, asking my friend to hang out with her and so on. But you know...once she got everything she needed, she never contacted my friend ever since. You tell me...isn't she a bitch?

There are actually a lot about her that I can list for you but I don't want to sound so bitchy. 

They say a friend is a friend forever in the roughest weather though life's seas are tossed about and a friend will be there to help you out. So what would you call for someone like in my story above?

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  1. oooww my.... how could she do that to her own friends?

    well, "Parasit"?? do you mean parasite? err.... kinda cruel though, but i'm sure you do have strong reason to call her "B" or parasite.....

    hmmm, i'm pity your friends in Singapore...
    do so much to help her, but yet they were just being used.....
    but it's ok, helping people is just doing one good deeds... ^^



  2. "friends in singapore"?? welllll i certainly know whom u referring to "milsata"!! hahaha

    nice catch btw

  3. what's with the image of lavender if the title is saying clover. get rid of it right away!!

  4. At least, through knowing her, hopefully you now can differentiate between a "B" and not.

    I agree with the last sentence. Also, Time will reveal the true person's heart, too :)

  5. With regards to the statement "what's with the image of lavender if the title is saying clover"
    I was thinking, 4 leaves clover means luck and I always felt really lucky when I am surrounded by my close friends... Don't u think so too?? :)

    We've met different kind of ppl in our journey and we'll meet more new ppl as we grow older...
    However... true friends are hard to get and yeahh... we should be smart now, dun be a "doormat" ~ must learn from our mistakes ^.^
    Once i was an ignorance person and always tried to make others happy, I felt a lot of pressure in my chest...
    Luckyly, one day I just had enuf and just wanna be me and smarter person!! ~
    I felt liberated and much much happier =D

    So my point is: we must choose our friends, be smart, and don't be nice all the time!! ~
    However once we found our true friends, MUST TREASURE them ^.^

    ~ Lady in Pink Scarf