Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Red Devil

I always try to keep you updated with my current looks and today's look is all about the over-sized cardigan that I was wearing in my latter photos. I think, the best place to learn about creating your own look is from your very own closet! This is what I usually do at home when boredom strikes. I like to mix both old and new pieces from my closet and play them around and see how they turn out. And as a result {if you can notice from my blog} I always create all different looks.

Frankly speaking, blogging is always be a part of my fashion journal and through blogging I can convey my creativity and imagination in term of fashion and my own looks of dressing elegantly and colorfully.

Fashion is beautiful because it changes all the time, giving to real creative minds the chance to express themselves. My advice to you is don't hesitate to try something different and create your own look with your creative mind and originality is something important too! Just take some risks and leave a mark! ;)

The over-sized cardigan is one great piece that I found from my favorite store ZARA. I find it very sensuous and pretty. Paired it with a black studded top from ZARA and a red pencil skirt from Pull & Bear. The skirt is sexy that it actually accentuates my body figure. I love to wear pencil skirts since I have the right body figure to fit in.
I was carrying my Prada Saffiano bag. It's so far one of my favorite bags to date! The bag was a real hit last time. I'm so in love with the red color of this was hard to find and at the end it was found at Prada in Frankfurt. If anyone is looking for my color, the color code is Fuoco. I'm aware that Saffianos are sold in many different sizes and types. Some comes with either single or double zippers, and some comes with no zipper. They come in different shapes too. Hence, please pay attention to the code of the one you're aiming for!

Wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin patent leather pump heels. The size is actually one size smaller from my normal size, purchased in Sydney and supposed to be a wedding gift from my younger brother but he bought the wrong size by mistake :(

Top : ZARA
Cardigan : ZARA
Skirt : Pull&Beart
Shoes : Christian Louboutin
Bag : Prada Saffiano
Bracelet : Mango Touch by MANGO
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Friday, September 28, 2012

One perfect afternoon with a pair of Perfect Shoes

A few days after I got married, I decided to chop off my long hair. Actually, I'm always a fan of voluminous long hair that I can do whatever to it...i can make it wavy or curly with a bit touch of my berry mousse from the BodyShop {this is a very super light mousse, i just love might wanna try using it} See below picture.  It's easy to use and easy to find at any The BodyShop stores :)

Okay back to the topic...I decided to chop off my long hair because I was just bored with having a long hair and I just wanted a new change. Change is always good. So here it mid-length hair that I just love the way it is. I'm happy with how it's turned out and I just feel so much lighter !

I'm excited that I'm finally having this outfit post to share with you guys after quite some time away from this blog. Below, I'm wearing a black embellished collar blouse from Forever21 and a pair of ripped jeans from Bershka. Hard to find for a good pair of ripped jeans but this one here is just perfect! Also, wearing a combo spikey + leather bracelet from Mango Touch by Mango.

Carrying a YSL bag {stolen} from my twin sister :). The bag is kinda way too big for me...but it's pretty roomy that you can stuff with a lot of things.
What do you think about my suede pointy heels from Zara? I love them 200%!! the shoes are worth buying. They are so comfortable to walk. And, they are so pretty with the spikey ankle strap. I'm obsessed. I asked a favor of my sister to search every Zara stores to find my size and apparently only one Zara store had my size and it was the last pair! Oh..I'm so lucky :)

Top : Forever 21
Bottom : Bershka
Bag : Yves Saint Laurent
Shoes : Zara (Fall/Winter Collection)
Bracelet : Mango (MNG Touch)

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

When I meet Chanel

How's life treating you today? I hope everyone had a good time today :)

I began to reminisce the olden times when I first got sucked into this whole bag world. Hmm...I began to carry a designer bag when I was still doing my study in Shanghai and my first ever bag were the Monogram Speedy Louis Vuitton bag that was purchased in Paris and the canvas Gucci bag, also purchased in Paris.
I went to this Lafayette Gallery where I got my first lovestruck at all designer bags {LOL}. My first thought when i was there was "If I had all the money in the world, I would sweep over every each of them!!" HAHA~

I remember that Monogram LV was like the new Celine nowadays, it was so popular that you can find every girls around the globe carry one on the street! and gradually the replicas were sold across the globe! This is a reason why I ended up getting one in Paris, because I used to be one of Monogram fans but not anymore now. I stashed my Monogram bags to the back of my closet until I decided to give them away. I generously gave my 2 Monogram LV bags to my Mom's sister and my Monogram LV Speedy to my Mom. I hope they can take a good care of those bags better than I did.

After the LV's period, I transitioned to the period when I began to adore CHANEL, especially their classic collections. I'm always a huge fan of Chanel up to this date! and this will never ever change...! The design is always classy and timeless, that I might be able to pass all my CHANEL bags to my daughter one day *grin*.

Below, I'm wearing one of my Chanel bag collections called Chanel Grand Shopper Tote {GST} in black caviar skin and gold chain. The bag was purchased in Melbourne long ago and thanks to my sister for carrying the bag all the way from Melbie.
Also, wearing my old neck-plunging blouse from H&M, purchased long long time ago in H&M Shanghai. but thanks to the good quality they had used that the blouse is still in its good term after the 6 years hung on my closet. Paired the blouse with my tulip skirt from ZARA. Walking in suede gold heels also from ZARA. And, last but not least...the YSL arty ring is never off my finger. =D

Blouse : H&M
Eyewear : Rayban Aviators
Skirt : Zara
Heels : Zara
Bag : Chanel
Ring : Yves Saint Laurent

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I stay true to Myself and My Style!

Fashion is something you buy, but style is something you own it! If i were asked what my style is, I don't even know how to begin this. It might seem like an easy question to you, but to me is definitely not! I'm always inspired by so many things, I love to play around with different styles and pieces. But I always try to be unique that I usually try to get something that other people will have a hard time getting or will not be able to match and make it my own statement.

Traveling is one great example when I can get a lot of resources. About 99% of my clothes, bags and shoes are purchased from overseas. I live in a very small city that is lacking everything! I barely find any designer wears or bags here!

Another outfit post as promised. I'm trying to keep my blog updated everyday. Enjoy!

Purse : House of Harlow
Heels : Rotelli
Shorts : BYSI
Lucite cuff : H&M
Eyewear : Rayban Aviator
Necklace : Ciel

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pink: The Mood for Love!

The happening of Fashion Week has been a blast in everywhere! I'm dying to sit in the front row watching the shows and be amazed at great designer wears! I guess I'm not that one lucky chick to experience the Fashion Week :( I wish I lived in one of fashion cities in Europe...ohh I just wish!!

Anyway, here is another outfit post. I think I've come back for being one of good bloggers...doing what I'm supposed to do here...keep posting outfit posts. Hope you guys get inspired! Enjoy!

PS: If you'd like to see very rapid updates in my fashion can follow me on Instagram @Lilac_Lavandre.

What a lovely pink purse, don't you think? It's a one rare gem that you will find in my closet!  I'm not a pink fan. The purse was found by my twin sister. She's a great shopper that she always finds great stuff during her shopping trip. I always love to go shopping with my sister, we have the same taste and we can give each other a feedback. Even when I go shopping alone, I always have to ask my sister's opinion by texting or BBM-ing her before deciding the final purchase!
 Wearing my new spikey bracelet that just arrived at my doorstep yesterday...Thanks to my cousin!
 Currently obsessed with my hubby's Rayban shades. Perfect shades for covering my non-makeup face!
Naughty wind just made me looking like a pregnant woman with that looking bum! such a wrong timing for the photoshoot! : (
Shoes : Everbest
Skirt : Forever21
Bracelets : Random
Lucite Purse: H&M

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The come back of denim!

I've always been interested in fashion ever since I can remember! I love mixing around with different styles and pieces, so it's always great to come back to several old {favorite} pieces in my wardrobe.
Fashion trends come and go as each decade goes by, but one trend that's always remained lurking in the background is the beloved denim! Denim has always been the must-have item in every girl's closet! and you can thank to your favorite celebrities for popping up with their jeans or denim bottoms/tops so that denim/jeans has become "high-fashion". Nevertheless, i don't have many denims collection  in my closet. I'm not one of the girls who finds comfort by wearing jeans.

The one I'm wearing below is one old piece that I have it very long in my closet. It's actually a denim long-sleeved shirt that I made the knot at the end of the shirt and I pulled the sleeves up.

 I paired the denim shirt with a see-through sheer long skirt from Forever 21. Wearing a long skirt is actually not my best option in my fashion to-do-list, since my height is not really supporting. LOL

 Carrying my Celine Trapeze bag which is my favorite bag for the time being! when it comes to fashion, I splurge on bags the most! : )

 Such a bad hair day! The girl who can do fashion doesn't really mean that she can do hair too! and by saying that..what I really mean is ME! I really don't know how to style my hair.

Skirt : Forever 21
Denim shirt : Vintage
Bag : Celine 
Leather bracelet : Salvatore Ferragamo
Eyewear : Chloe

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Friday, September 14, 2012

There is no blue without yellow and without orange

After a long pause that this blog seems to be disappearing from its existence, I've finally come back strong this time! LOL. Well...the reason for not having this blog updated is because my schedule has been hectic. Time flies, a lot of things happening within these few months.The good news is I just got married in July. My apology for not having my weeding updates in this blog since I wanna keep it private ; ).

And the most importantly why I was lacking a lot of blog posts is that I no longer have someone reliable to take my photos. : ( I used to have my twin sister to take all my blog photos but she's now busy being a mom! {I'm so ecstatic for having my first niece - she's soooo adorable!!}
I missed those times when I used to sit in front of my laptop for hours to blog and how ironic that I don't have the time to blog now.

Okay that's enough with the excuses, let's go back to what I'm supposed to do here LOL...Here is the outfit post. I'm always a huge fan of bright, electric blue, mustard yellow or anything you name it I can do it all! I'm currently obsessed with my new Tory Burch bracelet {golden rod} that I even wear it almost every day : ). The official Tory Burch store just opened in Singapore..i think they opened about 3 stores in Singapore which are in Ion, Wisma Atria and Paragon Shopping Malls. Such a good thing that they have it in Singapore now which I find it very handy to buy items from Tory Burch =D

Shoes : BEBE
Dress : Miss Selfridge
Cropped outer : Normi
Bracelet : Tory Burch 
Clic Clac Bracelet : Hermes

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