Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I stay true to Myself and My Style!

Fashion is something you buy, but style is something you own it! If i were asked what my style is, I don't even know how to begin this. It might seem like an easy question to you, but to me is definitely not! I'm always inspired by so many things, I love to play around with different styles and pieces. But I always try to be unique that I usually try to get something that other people will have a hard time getting or will not be able to match and make it my own statement.

Traveling is one great example when I can get a lot of resources. About 99% of my clothes, bags and shoes are purchased from overseas. I live in a very small city that is lacking everything! I barely find any designer wears or bags here!

Another outfit post as promised. I'm trying to keep my blog updated everyday. Enjoy!

Purse : House of Harlow
Heels : Rotelli
Shorts : BYSI
Lucite cuff : H&M
Eyewear : Rayban Aviator
Necklace : Ciel

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