Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pink Lady Rose

Things have been all over the place lately at the office that I've been staying back for these past few days. So today, i decided to leave office earlier to take some pictures to update my blog at my sister's boyfriend's place. I was wearing a sheer long-sleeved blouse and pink mini ruffled skirt with a rose belt. The weather was quite nice this afternoon. It was breezy.

White blouse: Witchery
Pink skirt: Thailand
Wedge shoes: Steve Madden
Belt: Korea
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Monday, August 30, 2010

I was featured in "Heaven in a jar and a burrito. Still".

I just found out that I was featured in this blog called "Heaven in a jar and a burrito. Still." by a lovely blogger named Carla :) from Quezon city, Philippines.

PS: Thank you girl for featuring me in your blog!!

Check out her blog!  http://iamsupercarla.wordpress.com/2010/08/30/bag-em-take-em-and-go/

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Mischief in the office

Here's the outfit that I can possibly wear to office on the weekends. Don't be surprised that i also got to work even on the weekends. :(
FYI, I'm working for my Dad's company. There's no exception for me that I got to work my arse off everyday at office. Full day on Saturday and half day on Sunday. Just imagine how lucky you are to have weekends off!! I'm really jealous of those people! I do miss those old times when I could wake up late in the morning and could still roll-up myself inside that fluffy blanket. My Dad is the type of person who is real strict. My sleepy eyes have to be wide-open at 7AM the latest...my morning routine will be checking on my Blackberry, then shower, praying then sipping my hot milk that is usually prepared by maid at home. I can't really take up big breakfast in the morning. A glass of oat milk would be just enough to give me a  morning kick-start!

Pink tube top: Pull and Bear
High-waist denim pants: Thailand
Cropped denim jacket: Thailand
Black leather bag: Salvatore Ferragamo
Gladiator shoes: Luiza Barcelor - Melbourne

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The wind brings summer back

Having too many clothes in my closet can make me forget what i already have and what i already purchased. I found this piece of romper/jumpsuit hanging in my closet still with the tag on. (LOL). Bought it in Budapest like 3 months ago, i came across this brand called Bershka. I do think that they have a good range of nice stuffs!

Romper/Jumpsuit: Bershka
Denim vest: vintage
Bag: Nine West
Belt: vintage
Cuff: Coach

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Crème brûlée

I'm loving my new baby!! my new shoes! just arrived from Singapore :)
Bought this satin blazer long ago in Sydney...from a Korean boutique. I think the mix of creme and beige color would go well together.

Satin blazer: Sydney
Top: vintage
Lace shorts: Topshop
Genuine leather shoes: Pretty Fit
Bag: CHANEL - classic lamb skin flapbag with gold lining chain
Necklace: Sydney
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Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm that new girl in town

I was so delightful to receive this piece of gorgeous dress that just arrived from Singapore yesterday.
It’s actually a gift from someone. I can’t get enough of myself looking at the dress in the mirror. The material is so fine and the color is soft and feminine. I love the ornaments hanging on the front part.

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Another hot day!!

It's been sizzling hot lately! so I was trying something simple yet still keeping it chic. Bought the skirt ages ago in Sydney...probably 6 years ago when i still carried my backpack to campus LOL. you can see the color kind of faded already.
I love my sheer top - the color is soft and subtle plus it's very comfortable to wear. nice and breezy for this kinda weather!

Sheer top: Fiore
Black skirt: SES - Sydney
Bangles: from Bali
Wedges: Zara
Braided Belt: vintage from Bangkok
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