Friday, August 27, 2010

Another hot day!!

It's been sizzling hot lately! so I was trying something simple yet still keeping it chic. Bought the skirt ages ago in Sydney...probably 6 years ago when i still carried my backpack to campus LOL. you can see the color kind of faded already.
I love my sheer top - the color is soft and subtle plus it's very comfortable to wear. nice and breezy for this kinda weather!

Sheer top: Fiore
Black skirt: SES - Sydney
Bangles: from Bali
Wedges: Zara
Braided Belt: vintage from Bangkok
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  1. I like this belt :)
    There'll be more photos, but we didn't have time recently ;/
    huh. in Poland is 6:59, pure morning, but rainy :D

  2. nice...! it hasn't been raining for so long here in my country.

    you woke up real early :)
    it's 12:21 in the noon here. i'm at my office :D

    i noticed there's another girl in your blog. is she your sis?
    okidoki..can't wait to see more pretty photos of yours! :)

  3. i like your top! i love your style,simple but cute :) really interested for follow your blog beb. and now, i'll folowing you!
    where do you live darl ? :p

  4. thanks for following my blog :)
    i currently live in Jambi, a small town and nothing fancy that i can tell you about it (>,<)"