Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My wish list ♥♥♥

I'll tell you, I'll tell you more about my wish list for my Christmas & New Year 2010.

1. Biker leather jacket
I'm now obsessed with this leather jacket...I want to have one too. I'd love to see myself rocking in that leather jacket!

2. Studded bag
It's all because of the most incredible creation of Alexander Wang's studded bag so studs are everywhere now. I'm obsessed to have one too. I figured I would look mighty good with that leather jacket with some cool additions in the form of studs. This time I'm really thinking of a nice studded bag. So yes, Santa...if you are listening, a rockin' studded bag would make me very very happy!

3. Tiffany&Co
And moving last wish list would be the signature charm bracelet of Tiffany&Co. I'd loveeee to own one with my name inscribed.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday morning hater

Yes...I am the Monday morning hater! The alarm clock rang to an empty bedroom - I could hear the frustrating sound from the bed side table. It sang a song of the unforgotten, and, as usual, I felt the inextinguishable feeling of that it was trying to wake me up. Late Monday morning, 8 o'clock and I still sat in my bed....errghhhh !@#$ feeling lazy to be awake.

I didn't have much work to do this morning, I wish I could skip office after lunch time...but I was gutless to do so.

I've been trying hours to log in into blogspot this morning, but my effort seemed to be in vain. This whole work-without-blogger deal was starting to ruffle my feathers. The first Monday morning without blogger was like the slowest, the most boring day everrrr! But please don't get a wrong signal here...of course I do work at office. But during my idle time, what can I do?

Today's lunch was a bit special, I had a big lunch with other colleagues with the winning money we received from the Christmas competition last week.

My last long weekend was full of moments of joy, regardless of the fact that I suffered from a diarrhea for 2 days {long weekend's torture}. One day was spent with the girls from my Uni in Sydney. It wasn't a ladies day out after all, since my friend's {Gresia} new boyfriend also tagged along. Too bad, we all forgot to take pics together. Another day was spent with Yoanna, wrapped with the dinner invitation from Yoanna's parents.

My sister is finally coming tomorrow...I'll fetch her from the Airport and I won't be at work. I've got tomorrow fully planned. We're going for a movie 'Avatar', mani-pedi {Yayy!}, and for a karaoke. Yoanna will be joining I'll be picking up Yoanna first before heading to Airport.

My holiday is just around the packing has already begun last night but I left it undone - gonna resume it tonight {I hope I'll get it done tonight}. It usually takes me such a long time to finish my packing. I love traveling but I hate this part a lot. I will usually jot down things that I would carry on a piece of paper before I actually start packing. I'm sort of an organized person in term of this job...I bring a lot of things when I travel. This is why I will never pack light {LOL}

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Monday, December 14, 2009

There are many things in this world that we don't understand...

"There are many things in this world that we don't understand"...that's the inspiration for this blog post.

When I fetched 'Y' from the Airport that night, we talked a lot of things on the way to her house. She told me that her ex boyfriend sent her off to the Airport and he cried non-stop like a baby from the minute they stepped out from the house all the way to the Airport. Sometimes we both {'Y' and myself} don't understand why the guy would let her go. If he let her go...then what's the point of crying? If he still loves her, he shouldn't have let her go...right?

I thought that was the day that he's been longing for...the day when she was gone, so he could re-gain his freedom and heal from the break up by bringing other women to his house to satisfy his adultery fantasy. I meant...he's the one who initiated the break-up, not wasn't he supposed to be happy and relieved instead of crying?

She never planned a day like this, she thought she would live happily ever after just like a love story that we always dream about. She did ask him: "If you do love me, why you let me go?". And the guy said: "because my head and my heart do not work the same". I was like whatt the hell"! This is one thing that I don't understand. {So men out there...since you guys are the same species, please enlighten us}

Sometimes I am like wondering...what's really the cause of their break up? their ailing relationship is irreconcilable that because he's playing the field with several other women or is that because of he's being so sensitive and she's being so defensive and their way of thinkings do not synchronize? This has been a puzzle to me, or even to 'Y'.

She needs some sort of security, she always think that security is one essential item in life and she treasures every penny of her money. But, her ex thinks that security is just an illusion. So, this is just one example why I said their way of thinkings do not synchronize. Before they were together, her ex used to live from one paycheck to another paycheck, but since they were boyfriend and girlfriend and lived together....she was the one who helped him to control his financing. She taught him how to save and budget his expenses.
This guy likes to feel wanted...he likes people to praise him and he likes to get a lot of attentions from her. However, I know 'Y' is not that sort of person who can be that expressive. Don't get the wrong signal here, it doesn't mean 'Y' does not care about him. She cares.

Even though they broke up, he still let her stay in his place...he still cared about her. He even bought her a ticket back to Jakarta. In short, he still did usual things that he usually did when they were still in good terms. I meant..why should he care right? Usually when man and woman break up, they will go on their own path and will never be bothered with each other again. But her ex is different, he still did a lot of things for her prior to leaving Shanghai. He's really confusing her, wasn't he? So, this is another thing that I also don't understand.

In spite of our confusion, we both believe that:
1. The man who wants to make the relationship work will move mountains to keep the woman he loves. Don't be flattered if he misses you. He is still the same person who just broke up with you. The only reason he can miss you is because he is choosing, everyday, not to be with you.

2. Here is what guys don't do if they can't live without you: they will not break up with you.

3. Don't try to please them after the break up to try to win his heart back, because if he hasn't figured out during the time you were together that you were the woman who could make his life feel like in heaven on earth, then anything good you do for him after the break up will be just in vain. It will only make you seem like a fool.

4. The guy who broke up with you will not call and say: Do you want to have dinner with me? Do you want to go to movie with me? I love you, or I miss you over and over again. If they do say those things, those are not the sign they want you back in their life. Because if they do want you back, the phone call will sound like this: Let's try again, let's make this work.

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La~La~La....the decorations are finally done!

I'm so happy that the decorations are finally done! I'd like to specially thank to my partners {Dewi and Yossi} who're also actively involved in this huge event. Thank you for your help and hard work, guys!
You guys make a best team!

Here are some snapshots that I took this morning.

These are all Christmas presents that we have collected today.

I can't wait for tomorrow...this is my first time ever to get involved in this kinda event. I'm actually quite nervous and excited at the same time. I wish everything to go smoothly tomorrow and I don't f*** up during my performance {fingers crossed}. I've been rehearsing and practising the lyrics.

I already got my outfits sorted for tomorrow.
Dress code: Christmas attire - Red or Green
I'll post some more pictures tomorrow...stay tuned guys! and wish me luck!

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A lovely Saturday....and Happy Birthday to Ricky Lukito!

I woke up early this morning {as usual}...ready for the day! I started off my Saturday morning with shopping for office's Christmas celebration. I just thought that I'd rather not to have my whole day wasted so I could have more free time with my friend Yoanna who just arrived from Shanghai.

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that Yoanna has finally come back from Shanghai, I fetched her at the airport on Thursday evening. I stormed off when the office clock was striking 6 PM. I arrived at the Airport an hour early so I was just sitting at the coffee shop sipping my chai tea...
It was an overwhelming feeling to have finally seen her after 2 years {If I recalled it correctly}. The minute I saw her, I was sprinting towards her and we hugged in the middle of the crowd {LOL}. We talked non-stop in the car on the way to her house...had so much to catch up and we were like updating each other.

So, today is my exclusive day with her. I fetched her at her place and we went for lunch then karaoke {yay!} I love's just the perfect way of destressing. By the way, I also went karaoke last night {LOL}. Two friends of mine dragged me to karaoke last night...they didn't even give me a prior invitation. It all happened very sudden. I came back from office late last night after decorating for that Christmas thingy and then my friend rang me...he said he was already downstairs picking me up. I was like "whatt theee!" I just finished from my shower and haven't even got myself dressed up {LOL}.
I ended up coming back home at 2 AM. It was a pleasant night.

Speaking of karaoke...It sort of reminds me that I have to perform for that Christmas event. We'll have this performance that we have to sing and also dance abit...I just think it's very embarrasing! The song was improvised by someone in my team. It gives me an ill feeling everytime I read the lyrics {LOL}. Yesterday we rehearsed the song and the moves at office. I'm kinda excited too for the day to come...I'm dying to see the other teams' performance. I just think it would be fun to see others perform. I'm all prepared to giggle and laugh out loud.

It's 2 minutes more until 12 AM! {tick tock tick tock} That will be Ricky Lukito's Birthday! I can't wait to wish him a very special Happy Birthday and to give him this

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared” - Buddha

A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.
A true friend remembers your birthday not your age.

Happy Birthday...Ricky! You feel like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon? A new life awaits you. May God continue to bless you with love and peace. Wish you have a wonderful birthday and an unforgettable one!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Stuck with the decorations!

I was sitting at Starbucks after my head kept flashing and couldn't stop thinking about the decoration that I left it unfinished.

The good news is that I've been trusted to largely participate in this year's Christmas event at my office and I truly out did myself with my Christmas decorations. But, the bad news is that I'm stuck with the decorations. The event will be in 3 days but I still haven't finished my decorations yet. Besides, I still have to cope with the other office works too {sob}.

I finished with the tree but I'm not quite happy how it turned out. Since the budget is extremely limited...not much of the stuffs that I can add to embellish the tree. But anyway, it is not final yet. We need to add several gift boxes under the tree, and the idea of adding more lights to the tree sounds brilliant too I think.

We ended up having this white board decorated. I think it seems okay to me. I just want everything to be done soon...sometimes I just wish when I close my eyes and open them again, the room can be magically decorated itself. The room is still in a total mess! I can feel the clock is ticking...tick tock tick tock. The time is running out of the essence guys...anybody wanna help?

This is what I'll have for the gift's like a music box. my colleague Dewi helped me to buy. I think that would make a lovely Christmas present for somebody. {Thanks to you, dew!}
Who's gonna be the lucky one to get mine?

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Only 15 days until Christmas...

I'm beyond thrilled! Christmas is coming really soon and I can feel the true spirit of Christmas is all around. I want this special feeling to last all year long and that is the inspiration for this blog post.

I finished shopping for our office's Christmas celebration yesterday and I can't wait for the day to will be on the 15th. I was chosen to be one of the Christmas committee to organize for this event. Yesterday we spent exactly 5 hours to buy all those kinds of Christmas decorations. We also ended up buying Christmas tree and Santa costume {Yay!}. Since we were given a tight budget from the office, we had to haggle! We popped into a few shops to get the best things with the best bargain. It was a tiring shopping trip indeed in a very sunny day {woohoo!} but at least we've got everything that we basically need.

Today, I'll be giving out this card to everyone in the office. It's a handmade card whose idea was actually coming from me {*grin*}. And it was designed by our office's graphic designer. Isn't it lovely, guys?

I still got a lot to do for this event. Just be patient for the next update and more pictures.

Christmas waves a magic wand...and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. I love the kinder hearts of people who are more generous and more forgiving during this time of year. I love the excitement of decorating and the anticipation of waiting for Santa to arrive. I know that it sounds so fairytale, but I really wish that Santa does exist - because I've got my Christmas wish list. All I want for Christmas is....a Happiness. I love the dazzle of the lights and the twinkle in the children's eyes. I love the merriment of parties and friendship. I love Christmas.

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Monday, December 7, 2009


Yesterday has been a blast to all of us! We had a birthday bash for our dearest was a huge birthday dinner, there were around 80-100 guests who attended the dinner. My Grandma specially came all the way from Bangkok to celebrate her 70th birthday and everybody from everywhere came too, so it has been a happy day for my Grandma. We started the dinner early, everybody gathered starting from 5 PM onwards and the dinner was served at around 6PM. I actually planned to take the pics of every dishes served but I missed this opportunity since I had to leave early when the 4th dish was about to be served. I had another wedding reception to attend. Last night was my friend's {Jackie} wedding reception. I was late for the wedding because of the bloody traffic.

Here are snapshots of the pictures taken last night.


Below are photos taken at Jackie's wedding

Sorry for the bad posting! I did it quickly in the office. I usually do it better when at home. I promise I'll fix it tonight. :)
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's finally December!

My dear friends! I feel like I've been missing forever from this blogging-sphere {apology}. I've been away a few days from my daily routines, I was back home for a long weekend {Home sweet home!}It's good to be home after a very stressful week at work. Not much of things that I did at home, besides staying in my cosy room and going out for some local food in my hometown. But most of times was spent playing with my little cousins in my room and watching my favorite cable TV shows.

The lovely month of December has finally arrived! {Yay!} It's gonna be a very busy month for me. I have a family coming soon in just a few days from Thailand, that will be my Grandma, my Mom's sister and her son. My Grandma will be celebrating her birthday on the 6th and the rest of family will also come to Jakarta to celebrate the joy. A friend of mine is getting married on the same day too, I will have to manage my time wisely to be able to make it to both. I'm really looking forward to that day to come....

On the 10th, my dear friend Yoanna is coming back from Shanghai. I've promised her to fetch her at the airport, so I'll be going straight from the office. I'm actually dying to see her. We have lots and lots to catch up.

Then on the 24th, A good friend of mine, Via, is coming from Sydney for her short vacation in Jakarta. I'm also dying to meet her on the day...I've planned to take a day off to spend the day with her, a day before my vacation.

And last but not least, my December trip is coming near too! {Woohoo!} I'm going to Thailand {for the second time this year!} My sister and I are really looking forward to this trip, we will be having a massive shopping in Bangkok. I bet you this is gonna be a huge shopping trip for us! We'll be also spending new year at some mountainous area in Thailand. I guess I'll be just spending my Christmas day on the plane on the way to Bangkok and later have a Christmas dinner once I arrive :). I'll fly alone on the 25th, while my sister is flying together with my brother and a cousin on the 23rd. Stay tuned guys...I'll be posting a lot of pictures xoxo

What a plan right! How about you guys...? What's your holiday plan ?

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friends are like a four-leaves clover

My sister complained that it's so dull and boring to see my blog without the touch of fashion so I began to have a transition from story-telling to fashion. To be honest, I prefer to write stories in which I can share my thoughts with the others rather than posting pictures of fashion {because I'm not a true fashionista}. A friend of mine {you know who you are!}was talking to me over the MSN and she asked what's with fashion now? She's just back  from her business trip and decided to just have a sneak peek at my blog. She was expecting some good stuffs to read but the last 2 blog posts I have are just about fashion. She wasn't happy with the way my blog has turned out. She wants me to return to my 'old-fashioned' way. I also asked one of my readers, he prefers more story-telling. Since you guys are my loyal readers so I've decided to do the way you guys want it to be. So here I come back with another story to tell.

Friends are like a four-leaves clover. They are hard to find but lucky to have. Friends come and go but true friends stay forever. These days, as I grew older, I only have a few friends that I stick out with. Real friends are better than having more friends, don't you think?

I admit that I'm the type of person who is hard to let people in. I'm not easy to make friends with everybody. I don't like to talk shit. I trust little and I judge! It sounds harsh, I know, but in the end what we're talking about is friendship that will last forever even though it's only a select few.

I'm talking about girl friends here in majority. Girls can be bitchy, deceiving, and spread malicious gossip. I hate a needy friend who only takes advantage of me and other people. Speaking of this, it reminds me of someone I know. We used to be close friends back then in Shanghai. The more we hang out the more I comprehend her true character. I would describe her as a 'parasite'. Why is it so? She's nice to everybody and she makes friends with as many people as possible because she's after something from them in future. I tried to give in at first till this friend of mine warned me not to get closer to her anymore. I think my friend is right and I completely agree that she's not even worth it to be called a friend.

Just to give you a real example. She doesn't practically live in Jakarta but she has loads and loads of friend here. However, every time she visited Jakarta she would contact me because she knows she has nowhere else to stay except my place. I sometimes wonder why didn't she just stay at one of her friends' place...why it has to be me? Because I know we wouldn't be hanging out together anyway, she would hang out with her friends but she just used me for a place to crash. What a bitch isn't she?

There this time that she wanted to move to Singapore to find a job. She knew that I have a good friend of mine who works in Singapore. So she sort of asked my help then I asked my friend to please help her if she went to Singapore. My friend is a guy, he's a good friend of mine from my hometown. When she was already in Singapore, my friend was willingly venturing down from one place to another just to help her finding a place to stay. He even helped her finding a job but she wasn't lucky enough to get one {but at last she landed a job because of me! I asked another friend of mine from Uni  to help her get into the company where she used to work}. When she was in need, she contacted my friend every day, asking my friend to hang out with her and so on. But you know...once she got everything she needed, she never contacted my friend ever since. You tell me...isn't she a bitch?

There are actually a lot about her that I can list for you but I don't want to sound so bitchy. 

They say a friend is a friend forever in the roughest weather though life's seas are tossed about and a friend will be there to help you out. So what would you call for someone like in my story above?

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