Monday, December 7, 2009


Yesterday has been a blast to all of us! We had a birthday bash for our dearest was a huge birthday dinner, there were around 80-100 guests who attended the dinner. My Grandma specially came all the way from Bangkok to celebrate her 70th birthday and everybody from everywhere came too, so it has been a happy day for my Grandma. We started the dinner early, everybody gathered starting from 5 PM onwards and the dinner was served at around 6PM. I actually planned to take the pics of every dishes served but I missed this opportunity since I had to leave early when the 4th dish was about to be served. I had another wedding reception to attend. Last night was my friend's {Jackie} wedding reception. I was late for the wedding because of the bloody traffic.

Here are snapshots of the pictures taken last night.


Below are photos taken at Jackie's wedding

Sorry for the bad posting! I did it quickly in the office. I usually do it better when at home. I promise I'll fix it tonight. :)
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  1. Hi Lilac,

    happy belated b'day to your grandma...
    wish her good health & Longevity....

    hmm, seems you have gain a bit of weight, huh?
    been waiting for your post for few days though....

    keep posting...



  2. Thanks for your wishes! :)

    yes I've gained weight! huhu {please don't remind me LOL}

    but anyway, it won't be too noticeable if i wasn't standing next to my sis, she's too skinny so that makes me look so big! huhu

    yea I've been very busy lately...that's why I've been missing from this blogging-sphere. but I promise I'll post more :)

  3. I wish we can took picture with jackie.. huhuhuhu :(

  4. yes exactly! jackie was asking me where were we?
    she actually asked the MC to call everyone from CF for picture taken...huhu we missed it!

    And when she mingled..she was actually looking for us. she wanted to take pic with us. too bad! :(