Monday, December 14, 2009

La~La~La....the decorations are finally done!

I'm so happy that the decorations are finally done! I'd like to specially thank to my partners {Dewi and Yossi} who're also actively involved in this huge event. Thank you for your help and hard work, guys!
You guys make a best team!

Here are some snapshots that I took this morning.

These are all Christmas presents that we have collected today.

I can't wait for tomorrow...this is my first time ever to get involved in this kinda event. I'm actually quite nervous and excited at the same time. I wish everything to go smoothly tomorrow and I don't f*** up during my performance {fingers crossed}. I've been rehearsing and practising the lyrics.

I already got my outfits sorted for tomorrow.
Dress code: Christmas attire - Red or Green
I'll post some more pictures tomorrow...stay tuned guys! and wish me luck!

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