Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday morning hater

Yes...I am the Monday morning hater! The alarm clock rang to an empty bedroom - I could hear the frustrating sound from the bed side table. It sang a song of the unforgotten, and, as usual, I felt the inextinguishable feeling of that it was trying to wake me up. Late Monday morning, 8 o'clock and I still sat in my bed....errghhhh !@#$ feeling lazy to be awake.

I didn't have much work to do this morning, I wish I could skip office after lunch time...but I was gutless to do so.

I've been trying hours to log in into blogspot this morning, but my effort seemed to be in vain. This whole work-without-blogger deal was starting to ruffle my feathers. The first Monday morning without blogger was like the slowest, the most boring day everrrr! But please don't get a wrong signal here...of course I do work at office. But during my idle time, what can I do?

Today's lunch was a bit special, I had a big lunch with other colleagues with the winning money we received from the Christmas competition last week.

My last long weekend was full of moments of joy, regardless of the fact that I suffered from a diarrhea for 2 days {long weekend's torture}. One day was spent with the girls from my Uni in Sydney. It wasn't a ladies day out after all, since my friend's {Gresia} new boyfriend also tagged along. Too bad, we all forgot to take pics together. Another day was spent with Yoanna, wrapped with the dinner invitation from Yoanna's parents.

My sister is finally coming tomorrow...I'll fetch her from the Airport and I won't be at work. I've got tomorrow fully planned. We're going for a movie 'Avatar', mani-pedi {Yayy!}, and for a karaoke. Yoanna will be joining I'll be picking up Yoanna first before heading to Airport.

My holiday is just around the packing has already begun last night but I left it undone - gonna resume it tonight {I hope I'll get it done tonight}. It usually takes me such a long time to finish my packing. I love traveling but I hate this part a lot. I will usually jot down things that I would carry on a piece of paper before I actually start packing. I'm sort of an organized person in term of this job...I bring a lot of things when I travel. This is why I will never pack light {LOL}

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