Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's finally December!

My dear friends! I feel like I've been missing forever from this blogging-sphere {apology}. I've been away a few days from my daily routines, I was back home for a long weekend {Home sweet home!}It's good to be home after a very stressful week at work. Not much of things that I did at home, besides staying in my cosy room and going out for some local food in my hometown. But most of times was spent playing with my little cousins in my room and watching my favorite cable TV shows.

The lovely month of December has finally arrived! {Yay!} It's gonna be a very busy month for me. I have a family coming soon in just a few days from Thailand, that will be my Grandma, my Mom's sister and her son. My Grandma will be celebrating her birthday on the 6th and the rest of family will also come to Jakarta to celebrate the joy. A friend of mine is getting married on the same day too, I will have to manage my time wisely to be able to make it to both. I'm really looking forward to that day to come....

On the 10th, my dear friend Yoanna is coming back from Shanghai. I've promised her to fetch her at the airport, so I'll be going straight from the office. I'm actually dying to see her. We have lots and lots to catch up.

Then on the 24th, A good friend of mine, Via, is coming from Sydney for her short vacation in Jakarta. I'm also dying to meet her on the day...I've planned to take a day off to spend the day with her, a day before my vacation.

And last but not least, my December trip is coming near too! {Woohoo!} I'm going to Thailand {for the second time this year!} My sister and I are really looking forward to this trip, we will be having a massive shopping in Bangkok. I bet you this is gonna be a huge shopping trip for us! We'll be also spending new year at some mountainous area in Thailand. I guess I'll be just spending my Christmas day on the plane on the way to Bangkok and later have a Christmas dinner once I arrive :). I'll fly alone on the 25th, while my sister is flying together with my brother and a cousin on the 23rd. Stay tuned guys...I'll be posting a lot of pictures xoxo

What a plan right! How about you guys...? What's your holiday plan ?

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