Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friends are like a four-leaves clover

My sister complained that it's so dull and boring to see my blog without the touch of fashion so I began to have a transition from story-telling to fashion. To be honest, I prefer to write stories in which I can share my thoughts with the others rather than posting pictures of fashion {because I'm not a true fashionista}. A friend of mine {you know who you are!}was talking to me over the MSN and she asked what's with fashion now? She's just back  from her business trip and decided to just have a sneak peek at my blog. She was expecting some good stuffs to read but the last 2 blog posts I have are just about fashion. She wasn't happy with the way my blog has turned out. She wants me to return to my 'old-fashioned' way. I also asked one of my readers, he prefers more story-telling. Since you guys are my loyal readers so I've decided to do the way you guys want it to be. So here I come back with another story to tell.

Friends are like a four-leaves clover. They are hard to find but lucky to have. Friends come and go but true friends stay forever. These days, as I grew older, I only have a few friends that I stick out with. Real friends are better than having more friends, don't you think?

I admit that I'm the type of person who is hard to let people in. I'm not easy to make friends with everybody. I don't like to talk shit. I trust little and I judge! It sounds harsh, I know, but in the end what we're talking about is friendship that will last forever even though it's only a select few.

I'm talking about girl friends here in majority. Girls can be bitchy, deceiving, and spread malicious gossip. I hate a needy friend who only takes advantage of me and other people. Speaking of this, it reminds me of someone I know. We used to be close friends back then in Shanghai. The more we hang out the more I comprehend her true character. I would describe her as a 'parasite'. Why is it so? She's nice to everybody and she makes friends with as many people as possible because she's after something from them in future. I tried to give in at first till this friend of mine warned me not to get closer to her anymore. I think my friend is right and I completely agree that she's not even worth it to be called a friend.

Just to give you a real example. She doesn't practically live in Jakarta but she has loads and loads of friend here. However, every time she visited Jakarta she would contact me because she knows she has nowhere else to stay except my place. I sometimes wonder why didn't she just stay at one of her friends' place...why it has to be me? Because I know we wouldn't be hanging out together anyway, she would hang out with her friends but she just used me for a place to crash. What a bitch isn't she?

There this time that she wanted to move to Singapore to find a job. She knew that I have a good friend of mine who works in Singapore. So she sort of asked my help then I asked my friend to please help her if she went to Singapore. My friend is a guy, he's a good friend of mine from my hometown. When she was already in Singapore, my friend was willingly venturing down from one place to another just to help her finding a place to stay. He even helped her finding a job but she wasn't lucky enough to get one {but at last she landed a job because of me! I asked another friend of mine from Uni  to help her get into the company where she used to work}. When she was in need, she contacted my friend every day, asking my friend to hang out with her and so on. But you know...once she got everything she needed, she never contacted my friend ever since. You tell me...isn't she a bitch?

There are actually a lot about her that I can list for you but I don't want to sound so bitchy. 

They say a friend is a friend forever in the roughest weather though life's seas are tossed about and a friend will be there to help you out. So what would you call for someone like in my story above?

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A deadly boring meeting is finally over

The only meeting that I never like is EXCO meeting and thanks God that it's over now. Just to give you a brief introduction of EXCO, it's a monthly meeting which is attended by all Top management and our investor. They are all expats and they are hard to please {trust me!}. Our investor is actually based in Malaysia so they usually come here just to attend this meeting. I'm a poor girl who has to largely participate in this meeting because I have to prepare anything from A to Z, I even take their order for coffee and prepare for their lunch. I thought this month's EXCO would be the last EXCO this year considering we skipped the EXCO last year December 08. It shocked me to find out that we'll be having another EXCO meeting next month, but the date has not yet been confirmed {I'll be praying hard enough to wish that it won't be another EXCO for next month}. EXCO has completely drained me every time. I always missed my lunch and can only drool over the food prepared in front of me. I had to remain seated in the board meeting room for 4-5 hours to take minutes of the meeting because at the end I will have to generate the minutes report and submit to all of them. Sometimes it's a challenge for me since they all speak different accent of English. One is speaking English with a strong French accent and one is speaking really Aussie accent and one is speaking British English and so on. Well...so that pretty much sums up what EXCO is.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday has finally arrived here. I looked around, trying to get my bearings. My eyes stopped at the rail of clothes...then I spotted a black vest. I've even totally forgotten about this vest that I bought around early this year. I guess it's been blending into the black in that rail of clothes for months so I was thinking I was crazy for not having it worn at least for today's lunch.  I've invested quite heavily on my outfits so I sometimes forgot the clothes I already have. I matched it with two layers of sleeveless tee and high-waist shortpants. Sunday was spent eating sushi with family.Sashimi anyone?

{I don't usually wear flat shoes but anyway I felt like wearing them today}
{one of my essential items - my black caviar Chanel Grand Shopper Tote}

I'm spending the rest of my night...blogging and reading a book. Good night~ 

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The weather has drastically changed in the past week. It's been raining and chilly the whole week but this morning was a sunny day with a light breeze, and the sunlight was glinting off windows and cars, and whizzy motorbikes are zipping everywhere. Jakarta is always busy day and night. I was in the car with Aunt and her family heading to our regular noodle kiosk. I had so many things to do in the list today...I started off my morning with having a breakfast with family.

Since it was a sunny day, I thought I'd wear my floral dress. It's a lovely gift from someone. I matched the dress with a vintage leaf necklace that I just recently bought. Here I'm showing you the snap shot of what I wore today.

{my all time favorite diamond flower ring. The design is customized and specially designed for my sister and I only. The design follows Chanel flower ring}
After noodle time, I went to my regular salon to have a hair spa. I was just thinking to reward my hair a little treatment. I can be very impulsive towards things sometimes. When I was at salon having my treatment, I also decided to change my usual look. I got bored with my long fringe so I decided to have it chopped off! Hoolaaa...!

{my new bangs}
I just think I look silly with my new bangs! It doesn't really work out for me. What do you think?
After getting my new bangs, I continued my day by picking up my girl friend {Jackie} from her apartment to go and watch the movie. We actually planned to watch New Moon. We both were dying to watch this second sequel of Twilight, we adore the charm of Edward Cullen {LOL}. Too bad the queue was amazingly insane, the line was starting from the ticket counter all the way up to outside's store. We rather gave up and changed the movie subject. We finally bought A Disney's Christmas Carol tickets, starred by Jim Carrey. The story is based on the book by Charles Dickens. The movie was not too bad.

Jackie is getting married! {YAY!} I finally received her invitation card! She's having the ceremony next week on the 30th and the reception will be on Dec 6th in Hyatt. I can't wait for this because I've got my dress sorted for her wedding! And, I can't afford to get any fatter because the dress has been altered to fit. I'm not gonna show my dress now, wait till the moment of truth, stay tuned guys! Below is the snap shot of Jackie's wedding invitation card. I really like the cover design.

I was supposed to meet another girl friend of mine {my friend from Uni}. She dropped by from her business trip in Medan before flying back to her hometown. But I bailed on her {I'm so sorry that I always bailed on you, Gresia, The timing was never right...}. Hope to see you one day...really one day!

How was your Saturday?

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Friday, November 20, 2009


My second creation...love it.loveeee it!
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm always dying to have a puppy! We used to have 2 chihuahua long...long time ago when I was small. Unfortunately the two dogs were stolen by some idiot around our neighborhood. Dad never bought any dog again since then.

My brother and her girlfriend own one. When they first bought the puppy, they were asking around what name they should have called it. They came up with a few names like Romeo and I wanted it to be Belle {it doesn't really suit the gender LOL!}but at last they landed a name 'Tequila' {they call it 'Kila'}. The nickname Kila is actually the short name of Ricky and Lannia. They bought Kila when Kila was first born but they let the breeder to look after Kila for the first few weeks since he was too fragile and they didn't want him to get contaminated. The time wasn't ready for him to get exposed to the dirty little world LOL!. Kila is a super cute Maltese Shithzu. Kila is now 12 weeks old.

{This was a picture taken when Kila was just a few weeks after born}

{This is what Kila looks like now, a 12-weeks Kila}

Kila is a male puppy. He lives with my brother in his apartment in Sydney. My brother lives in a big 2-storey apartment where the living room is very spacey, this is why they decided to put Kila in my brother's living room.
He's sleeping in his crate...he's such a smart boy...he can now do some dog tricks like 'sit and shake hand'. My brother's girlfriend {Lannia} is the one who has been patiently training Kila, and also buying all his needs like toys and Kila's cute outfits. Kila knows where to pee and poop himself without having him to be dragged to toilet. Lannia has been a great trainer :) My brother is too lazy to train Kila {LOL!}

{Lannia and Kila}

{My brother and cutie pootie Kila YAY!}

Kila can be sometimes naughty but the good thing about him is that he doesn't bark that often . He got freaked out because my brother is sometimes too cruel  that he abused Kila a lot when Kila was being naughty. As told by Lannia, there one time that my brother lifted him and was trying to stranggle him {LOL!}. But I know he was just fooling around with Kila, it doesn't mean that he was trying to hurt Kila. Despite of the abuse, my brother is actually loving Kila so much.

{Kila sleeping with my brother}

{Look at Kila's cute costume...a hoodie tee with a pair of angel wings}
I'm dying to meet Kila personally...I haven't got the opportunity to do it yet. I will have to wait till next year when my brother is having his graduation ceremony. Anyway...I'll see you Kila ...in Sydney {xoxo}!

Do you have one too?

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It was cold and wet yesterday. chilly! the clock was striking eleven at night. I felt like flopping myself into the bed...and sipping a cup of hot tea. The cold weather just made me feel mopey all the times.

I was talking to my friend over MSN. She's a beautiful 27 years old Japanese woman. I was introduced to her by my sister. They used to be classmates. And, we used to hang out since then. It's almost 2 years long that we haven't met since the day I left Shanghai {that was in January 2008}. She's a very loving and big hearted person. She makes a kind and caring friend that we all like her a lot. She's now back to Tokyo working as an assistant at a local travel agency {as told by her long ago, I don't know whether she has changed her job again since she tends to change jobs a lot}. My sister went to Tokyo last year to see her...they have finally seen each other again. Unfortunately, I couldn't join the delight {I was working hard then LOL!}.

{This is Mariko, wearing her lovely yukata at her sister's wedding} 

{my sister with Mariko at one of temples in Tokyo}
I saw her online on MSN last night, I thought I'd give her a buzz since we haven't talked for ages. I was asking about her American boyfriend. As far as I know her boyfriend is in Shanghai, working and to my surprise, they are still together. I thought they were no longer together since the distance keeps them apart. I know it's not easy to maintain a long distance relationship, furthermore they live in different countries {She's in Tokyo and her boyfriend is in China}.

 {Tokyo night view}
As told by her, they first met in Japan and her boyfriend went to Shanghai to work. He doesn't even live in the center of Shanghai itself, but lives in Wuxi...it's a small region in Shanghai that you need to travel by train to get there. I know that she crazily loves her boyfriend, that she has made a lot of sacrifices for him. When we used to study in Shanghai, she always spent her weekend to travel to Wuxi just to see her boyfriend. Her boyfriend NEVER...EVER came down to Shanghai to visit her! I always think this is so unfair to her. Why she always has to be the one who travelled all the way? why not him?
Even now that she's in Tokyo, she had to sit long hours in the flight from Tokyo to Shanghai to see her boyfriend. I asked her whether her boyfriend ever visited her in Tokyo...and she said "NO" and it shocked me. I feel so sorry for her. She said "that's ok and she still wants to be together with him". I almost fainted hearing that.

{japanese cherry blossom in the spring}
I mean...she's pretty and kind, I bet that she's the dream woman of every men. She could just easily get new boyfriend who loves her equally. The love that she has now is a one-sided love. And you can't believe this...i was told that her boyfriend was being unfaithful to her. He cheated on her. He has a sex friend. But Mariko still forgave him and remains faithful to him. Sometimes she even wondered why she loves her boyfriend that deep...! She's always dreaming of getting married, she wants to be married to that guy and has a baby from him and grows older together. But the guy doesn't want to marry her...{this didn't suprise me at all since he's American, they don't usually enjoy the commitment of being married to someone}. To me, foreigners are more like travellers or wonderers...they don't have a stable living place. They travel and work in different places across the globe ..meet chicks and fool around. I always think she's foolish but she doesn't even care what other people think of her. What she wants...is her boyfriend!

I'm really hoping that she would realize one day...

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I just finished watching this movie called "Ramen Girl", starred by Brittany Murphy. The movie was Ok. The story is about an American slacker {Brittany} who got dumped by her boyfriend in Tokyo, she runs into an unlikely place - a local ramen house run by a cranky old japanese man who barely speaks a word of English. She convinces him to teach her the art of ramen preparation. She wants to learn how to cook a ramen...how to make a super delicious broth!

After the movie, I was just thinking that I would share the tit bit of me...starting from simple stuffs like what things I like to do etc.

Blogging {Yay!}
Blogging is part of my ritual now...HA! Welcome...welcome to blogging world! This is what that has been keeping me awake till late at night.

I don't usually wear make up on daily basis, even to office I don't wear make up at all. I just use my lip care (because I have chapped lips). That is why I usually look plain. But don't get a wrong signal here, it doesn't mean that I don't like make up at all...I love it when it comes to special events when I have to sit in front of my vanity desk and play with my brushes {debut time LOL!} - one of my favorite things to do is to get ready for the night! Call me girly or whatever you name it but I truly enjoy getting all dolled up for the evening. I never knew how to apply on make up till when I was in my second year of Uni. I saw a friend of mine doing her make up and I admit she's pretty good in that thingy...I literally learned how to use one too and of course with a help of my sister. She knows more than me! It's not easy to be looking good but sure it's fun!

{these are just half of my make up kits}

 {I ♥ my brushes and eye make up tools}


I collect this Japanese magazine called 'VIVI'. The content it has is all about fashion and make up tutorial. It can be a good guidance for me sometimes. Since it's an imported magazine so the price is such a rip-off ....I usually buy it outside the country as it's relatively cheaper.

 {my VIVI collections sitting nicely inside the cupboard}

{2 Chinese editions of VIVI}

Besides reading fashion magazines, I do read books too (but they must be in English). I prefer to read light books than heavy readings. I love the shopaholic editions by Sophie Kinsella. All her books are witty and hilarious - a laugh read! Not only fiction, I also read non-fiction books ...something like a self-motivational book. I also have a lot of interior and design books at home. They can be a good reference for me.

{my book collections}

{this book was recommended by a cousin of mine, the book has somehow taught me how to be a positive person}

Get Painted
What would you possibly think by just looking at the above title? HA! I love to have my nails painted!
Just imagine: winding down from a tiring week or preparing for a wedding reception or gearing up to take up a vacation can be relaxing when you're at a salon to get a manicure and a pedicure. It's an exhilarating feeling to have my feet immersed in the basin of warm water and get cleansed. Regardless of having loads of nail polish at home, I still opt for getting manicure and pedicure at salon because salon beauticians have the right tools and know the right procedures to make your hands and feet smooth and beautiful.

 {my nail polish collections ♥}
Do you know that manicures began 5,000 years ago in India, when henna was used as nail polish? And, the history of pedicures originated in Ancient Egypt.

Call me girly or whatever you name it...I love to collect accessories especially bangles and cuffs!

{my bangle collections - I ♥ my animal bangle collections}

{I keep my accessories inside a red box}

{my ring collections}

So guys...these pretty much sum up about me (but this doesn't stop me from writing more - just wait for other future posts LOL!) It's getting late now, time for me to turn in. I feel like curling up myself already in the bed. Good night guys and Adios~

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