Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My 2nd Blog

I was sitting in front of my work computer, reading someone's blog. I suddenly felt the 
excitement arose within me; it has somehow inspired me to write again. I actually have an existing old blog that i used to write during my study time in Shanghai. After 2 months writing then I stopped. Now I come back again with my new blog that I have named it 'Lilac Lavandre'. The name didn't actually pop out from my head...it was given by a friend of mine named Ricky Lukito. I did actually come up with a quite few names like Lady Bug, Honey Bee and Princess Me (Pardon the narcissism) but they all sound so cliché. This is why I asked Ricky for a bit of his advice, he's a designer so I expect him to be all creative with names.

Lilac means Purple and Lavandre means Lavender... they are Anglo Norman French words.
I find the name very chic and I think it suits me well since I like purple in color and the overwhelming smell of lavender.
Thanks to Ricky ;)

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