Monday, November 9, 2009

Breakfast for your Monday morning...

It seems that blogging has taken a lot of me right now; however this is the only way I can articulate. You might think that the stories are full of whimsy, but they are not. All the stories that I've written here are true and based on personal experiences. And here I serve you with another interesting story...I hope this story will brighten your Monday morning (I know that Monday always sucks big time!).

I know this girl from my sister. They used to work part-time job together in Sydney back we've been friends since then. I won't mention full name, let's just call her 'A'. She's a year younger than me, I describe her as a very attractive person as she seems like a 'magnet' to most of guys. She's also a 'chatty' person...every time we met like once in awhile, she always had tons of stories to tell. It's like she had prepared them for such a long time, saved it, and ready to burst out til the time is right (LOL). And, she can talk over and over once she begins to talk. Well...let's save the chitchat, and get to the point, she's now a "fresh meat".

I'm sure you guys know what I mean here for being a 'fresh meat', don't you? The other good quality that she has, she is a very independent young lady. At her early age now, she already set up her own business. She runs a beauty center business in her hometown, Batam. The business has been running for almost a year. Her both parents still live in Sydney, she's alone living with her Aunt in Batam and now her sister is already back too.

There's this one night, I was BBM-ing with my ex. He asked me whether I have some pretty friends (anyone who is single of course!) to be introduced to his cousin (let's call his cousin with 'B'). His cousin was just back from Melbourne about a week then. He doesn't know many people in Indo due to the fact that he's been living in Melbourne for almost half of his life.

The image of 'A' suddenly emerged from my head. With a cheerful smile, I bbm-ed him back and I said I know one friend whom I think his cousin might like. I felt this zing of excitement that my ex and me planned to 'match make' them. I sent him a photo of 'A' and he also sent me the photo of 'B'. I immediately sent a text to 'A' and sent her the photo of 'B'. The timing was actually perfect, because I was told that 'A' was going to visit Jakarta.

I still remember that vividly, that was Friday night. I hastily finished my works at office, I couldn't even stop thinking that tonight 'A' would be meeting 'B'. I was more nervous yet excited than she was. That was funny actually. When the office clock showed 6 PM, I stormed off.

We were both at my Apartment getting ready for the dinner, doing make-up and dressing up to be the drop dead gorgeous looking ladies! (Yay!) My room was full of laughter, that was real fun!
There was a beep from my BB...that was my Ex. He was already on his way heading to my Apartment with his cousin, to fetch us. Now, the ladies were all set and ready  for the 'show'. We were going down to the lobby to wait for them. I was crossing my fingers, hoping that everything would go smoothly and both would be attracted to each other.

They finally arrived, so we all headed to the restaurant. The dinner went all smoothly. The chit chat part was great too. We had good dinner, we talked, we all giggled and laughed together. Even though she was not really impressed with him being quieter, the night was fun in overall. (Pardon 'B', he's in fact a quiet and shy guy but he's a great guy in overall).

You know guys, first dinner usually won't leave much of the impression. And, they are type of person who won't get smitten so easily, particularly 'A'. So...we went again for the second dinner the next night. The second dinner went even better, she seemed to have impressed him a lot. one won't like 'A', she is a super friendly and very attractive woman.  'B' began to talk more compared to the night before. She was happy how it went. It was a pleasant night for all of us.

Long story cut short, despite of the fact that they live in a milestone...they both are still in touch. They call and text every day. I have to whisper you the truth here that he already grew some feeling towards her but unfortunately she has not grown her feeling towards him yet. This might be triggered by the fact that she can easily get the man, she has a lot of fans outside admiring her. She's also now close to someone else in Batam. They actually like each other but it's not quite possible for them to be together because she's 2 or 3 years older than that man. She likes someone who can be a bit flirteous, she fancy flirty SMS texts...but I don't think 'B' is great in this. Nevertheless, she wants to see the progress further...let it float and see how it goes. She once told me that she has this feeling telling her that She might eventually end up with 'B', considering 'B' is actually a great guy and well-off.

Up to today, their relationship is just a mundane affair. Since they only met twice and they live far apart. It's actually hard to develop the feeling into something solid. Well...let's see how far they would go.

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  1. fingers crossed for both of'em :)

  2. hmmm... let's wish them all the best n luck....



  3. Hi guys, thanks for the support anyway...but I don't think this relationship between the two 'love birds' (LOL) is working out really well. My friend, which is the girl, is way smarter than the guy. What I've observed is that...the guy is too 'kind' that somehow people can perceive it as dumb!

    X.o.X.o Veranica ♥