Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's not a happy ending Love ♥ Story after all...

A morning disaster just happened! I just spilled a bowl of soup all over me (in the office)! I was just about to enjoy my meal, I lifted the bowl and my hand slipped...I sort of lost the grip and then the bowl turned upside down. I had to clean up the office desk and myself. I'm quite lucky though that I'm wearing a dark navy blue color top with a black office skirt so even my whole outfit has been drenched with soup, it's not that visible.

Speaking of disaster...this sort of rings a bell. For those who have been faithfully visiting my blog each day and following the love story of my dear friend Y.Z, you already know what happened from the last 2 posts. You might have concluded that her boyfriend loves her deeply but I think it's iffy. The love story may be over but the truth is far from ending.

Greg Behrent said in his book "He's just not that into you", a man in love will move mountain to keep the woman he loves. And, a man who broke up with his girlfriend won't call and say: I love you or I miss you. But, he will call and say: Let's work on it again, let's give another chance,and let's go to counselling.

I refer to Greg's quotes because this what actually happened to my friend.

Last night, I was in the car on my way back from office. There was a beep in my was a text SMS from her. Her SMS text says: "If you wanna know the big news, you got to be online now. I finally know the secret about C (let's call his boyfriend C). And now, I suddenly don't feel like crying anymore".
After reading a short text from her, my heart was like thumping and i hastily signed in to my MSN via my BB. She began to tell me everything and what findings she has discovered. She was at her boyfriend's apartment alone, her head was full of questions in relation to her conflicting relationship. She always suspected that there's something 'fishy' and hidden from her. Then, she began to probe into her boyfriend's personal laptop trying to find the clue. She knows the password so she can easily break into his MSN chat history. And guess what she discovered? She discovered a chat log between C and his friend and also between he and his 'latest squeeze'! (a total shock!!!)

Here I've got the evidence for you to read. (Take a deep breath!)

This chat log happened on Nov 7th, between C and his Chinese friend, V.

v : so you guys are officially separated ?
c: we were the other night
c: of course, i am not telling her that i am meeting Flo
c: i just told her a business contact and i are having dinner
c: if i only say friend, she would ask a lot of things, and i don't need that
v: she is not checking your phone anymore ?
c: no
v: so you are actually free?
c: yes and no
c: she still loves me and I love her, but we know it cannot work
c: but while she is living here,I will not actively date
c: which i should not for a while anyway

And below is the chat log between C (the MORON!) and his new woman, F. Happened on Nov 9th.

c: actually i am loving this conversation
c: i asked val for your contact info because i was dying to talk more with you
c: but here's my point. if i judged a percentage of women by those i have dated or know, then i would be miserable
c: i would believe that most women are money digging heartless bitch
f: i am glad to know you too coz val said you are a good man. she always says highly on you
c: when you get to know me more, i will tell you for my life
c:  i would like to be honest with you. i am an emotional person. but an honest one. i want to know you better
c: i find you interesting and attractive and i would like to build a friendship with you
c: here's why i am saying this - my life is chaotic at the moment
c: because i ended a very destructive relationship recently about 3 weeks ago
c: i am building a friendship with her
c: so i want to have time to get to know you
c: you are busy, i am busy
c: but i'd like to find time
c : i noticed a few things you said in this chat
c: you reference "friends " often
c: i am attracted to you. that is clear - but please understand that i am looking to become your friend at the moment
c: you dont have to put up guard and i  guess is what i am trying to say
f: i am glad you do understand
f : yes me too. would like to become your friend at the moment
f: as what i told val
c: i know you did . hahahhaa
c: val is perceptive. she saw that i was really very attracted to you and she instantly said : she is single
c : that made me think : " wait !" is that the signal i am sending as i am just out from a hellish relationship
c : anyway, when i asked val for your number , she said that you wanted to be friends first
c: so i guess what i am trying to say is that i find you very attractive, but i am hoping to build a friendship. because i get a feeling from you and this is the reason i find you attractive , a feeling that you are really special , well worth the effort of knowing
c: we can have private dinner later 

Now you can see, who's being the good guy and who's being the heartless moron here? The words that C said to F are the exact words that he ever said to my friend. I can tell that he's being a smart arse. He used his sacred words to conquer a woman he desired.

And, you know what's the great part about him? He even put the blame on my friend's decision to return to Indonesia for the reason of their break-up. In fact, my friend just decided to return to Indonesia a week after their break-up, NOT before their break-up. He used this as his deadly weapon to cover up his felony.

After knowing the truth, my friend didn't go and confront him in the face. She opted to just confide in me and my sister. She has her own way to make him pay for his shitty game! Since her boyfriend is generously paying for her flight ticket back to Jakarta, she will keep her mouth shut until she gets the ticket. My friend has this plan to write him a letter and leave the letter somewhere in the drawer on the day she leaves for good. I'm sure her boyfriend will be taken aback when he finds out about my friend knowing the truth. (LOL)

In short, it's not a happy ending love story after all....more like a love disaster to me. Did you ever expect that her boyfriend would cheat on her? I didn't. I thought he sincerely loved her, considering his silly act about trying to jump off the balcony the other day. Well...let him pay for the consequences of his action then.

P.S: I bought the book in Shanghai. The book is highly recommended. It's a non fiction book that's very entertaining.
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  1. Nicely put Ver ^.*

    Sorry to hear about ur morning accident -.- but lucky u! no visible stains ~

    Actually I didn't buy the guy act "jumping on balcony"... this means he's a psycho in other word.. mentally unstable! You can't hold a relationship based on "threat"!

    and for the gurls outside... please dun be in relationship based on Pity Feeling towards the guys.

    However, I like this gal... she is smart and having a very sweet revenge to her ex psycho bf ^.^

    Btw, ver... Greg Behrent just released a new book called "It's just a Date" highly recomended for all the girls to read. It's Fun and gives us different perspective on dating =]

    Lady in pink scarf ~

  2. Hi Lady in pink scarf! :)

    Yes lucky me! no visible stains! LOL

    yea..i totally agree with u!I'm also not a big fan of threat. When I heard from her that her boyfriend was trying to seek her attention by trying to commit just sounds so foolish to me. This kind of relationship is not healthy and it won't last long.

    And you know what happened that night that made him do his foolish action? my friend found out an Ad that was written n published by her boyfriend. The Ad says: he's seeking a woman for just one night stand.

    My friend discovered about it and she confronted to him, he made up his excuse by saying he put that Ad to seek for her attention as he's seemingly losing her attention for some time. What an excuse! (he's obviously an asshole!)

    Yah she's now planning for that sweet revenge (LOL).

    Greg's new book? I didn't know about it. Thanks for telling me about the book. I will go and buy the book then...!

  3. ola...

    well, this guy does not deserve your friend...
    i'm glad that your friend is going to leave him for good....

    I like the way of your friend get revenge to his psycho BF....
    i like it, i like it ^^.....

    anyway, juz wish your friend could find her soulmate and learnt a lesson from this "failed" experience......