Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm always dying to have a puppy! We used to have 2 chihuahua long...long time ago when I was small. Unfortunately the two dogs were stolen by some idiot around our neighborhood. Dad never bought any dog again since then.

My brother and her girlfriend own one. When they first bought the puppy, they were asking around what name they should have called it. They came up with a few names like Romeo and I wanted it to be Belle {it doesn't really suit the gender LOL!}but at last they landed a name 'Tequila' {they call it 'Kila'}. The nickname Kila is actually the short name of Ricky and Lannia. They bought Kila when Kila was first born but they let the breeder to look after Kila for the first few weeks since he was too fragile and they didn't want him to get contaminated. The time wasn't ready for him to get exposed to the dirty little world LOL!. Kila is a super cute Maltese Shithzu. Kila is now 12 weeks old.

{This was a picture taken when Kila was just a few weeks after born}

{This is what Kila looks like now, a 12-weeks Kila}

Kila is a male puppy. He lives with my brother in his apartment in Sydney. My brother lives in a big 2-storey apartment where the living room is very spacey, this is why they decided to put Kila in my brother's living room.
He's sleeping in his crate...he's such a smart boy...he can now do some dog tricks like 'sit and shake hand'. My brother's girlfriend {Lannia} is the one who has been patiently training Kila, and also buying all his needs like toys and Kila's cute outfits. Kila knows where to pee and poop himself without having him to be dragged to toilet. Lannia has been a great trainer :) My brother is too lazy to train Kila {LOL!}

{Lannia and Kila}

{My brother and cutie pootie Kila YAY!}

Kila can be sometimes naughty but the good thing about him is that he doesn't bark that often . He got freaked out because my brother is sometimes too cruel  that he abused Kila a lot when Kila was being naughty. As told by Lannia, there one time that my brother lifted him and was trying to stranggle him {LOL!}. But I know he was just fooling around with Kila, it doesn't mean that he was trying to hurt Kila. Despite of the abuse, my brother is actually loving Kila so much.

{Kila sleeping with my brother}

{Look at Kila's cute costume...a hoodie tee with a pair of angel wings}
I'm dying to meet Kila personally...I haven't got the opportunity to do it yet. I will have to wait till next year when my brother is having his graduation ceremony. Anyway...I'll see you Kila Sydney {xoxo}!

Do you have one too?

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  1. Yup! I have one to..his name Chicco.. I love my doggie so much..even my mom always complained that i never took care of chicco..hahahaha

    Chicco also can shake hand and mom trained him.. Chicco also can't pee or pup inside the house.. he has his own schedule that we usually take him around neighborhood every morning and evening.

  2. You have a very cute name for your dog! Chicco...I like it!

  3. wahhhh cuteee gives a soothing feeling by just seeing it. =)

  4. yesss exactly! super duperrr cute...! I sometimes think that Kila looks like a doll LOL

  5. a very cute dog....
    wonder when will i have this kind of small and cute dog.... hahhahaha...

    mine is juz an average size...
    we call it jessy, a female welsh-terrier dog...

    a good mouse hunter... hahahaha...

    - gry -

  6. I also like welsh-terrier breed too! :)

    I'm sure you have no more mice running around your kitchen now LOL