Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I came across this little rainy day story written by a first grade student. It's a beautiful piece of writing.

Once upon a time there was a big promise land where it never rained before. It was a very sunny place. It was almost spring. You know what they say, "April showers bring May flowers." And the next day it rained and it brought flowers.

Speaking of rain, it's now a rainy season here in Jakarta. I never like rain, I really hate when it rains here...the traffic is ten times worse than usual! As I'm writing this now, I'm looking at my window and it's down pouring.
Rain has somehow made me feeling blue.

I'll be finishing my work in 30 minutes...I'm hoping the rain would stop. I take a sip of my hot tea and lean back...thinking that I'll be going home next week {Home Sweet Home}. I got a long weekend next week that falls between Friday to Sunday. Dad has booked me the flight ticket. It's been months that I haven't gone back home. I miss my bedroom...I just love the scent of my room. My sister and I have this plan to redecorate our room. We're thinking of magically turning our room into an oldies theme. Since the interior set of our room is already in wooden type of materials so we just need to change the tit bit of our room ornaments. My sister has actually had it started.

{she changed all the photo frames with wooden frames} 
We just got a new large wooden wardrobe too for extra clothes and things we have. The old wardrobe can't fit them all. We just have so many things...{so many rubbish LOL}. I can't wait to fly back, I'm so excited about this trip this time...but this means that I have to get my arse to start packing {I do a lot of traveling but I hate the packing part so much errghh!}

How about you? what will you do next weekend guys? 

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