Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whatever it takes to be beautiful...

After a whole day striding down the stores with Mum and Aunts at a quite few Malls...I was finally home with tired body and mind (I said a tired mind because I had this argument with Mum over and over again during our shopping, I'm really tired of these domestic squabbles between Mum and me as it happened not only once and she always said the same things over and over. I will probably elaborate about this later on in the next post).
I took a sip of water and let my mind range back over the last few days then I was distracted by a beep from my was from my sister. She said she had this shocking news to tell which she heard from a friend of ours. I was so curious on what she was going to tell me...Well, gossip always sounds juicy.

This is about a girl we know (I should leave the person’s name anonymous). She had this massive surgery all over her face...her jaw, chin, upper lip, eyes and probably other areas too (who knows!). It sort of gave me a jolt of could have someone done so many surgeries?
She was driven by the fact that her friends are all skinny and pretty and she feels insecured because of this. Sticking out with a wrong group of people could be one major factor that leads to having a low self esteem. I can tell that she’s on the wrong track...she takes whatever to be beautiful. I think she is so pathetic...if you don’t have a great physical beauty, you can build your inner beauty. Only some shallow women who think beauty surgery is everything and yet it somehow will fix the problems but you are being phony. It's like you are wearing a mask and it's not the true you. And, people will start murmuring about you.
What’s the importance of being pretty in your outer shell but not beautiful in the inside?
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  1. Thats why, sometimes, ppl dont know the line between Gorgeous and Charming.... They only put attention on G and forgot about C...
    But thats colour of life... ^_^

  2. I heard a joke relating to this thing, there was a man who married such a beautiful woman, so pretty that she makes heads turn her way. The man was so happy that he could be the one marrying this woman. However, when they had a baby, the man was so shocked to find that the baby was so ugly-looking! U see, the man didnt look bad himself n people saw them as the perfect couple.
    long story cut short, the man later found out that this woman had been having so much surgeries to make her look as how she was, and unfortunatelt the baby looked like her, pre-surgery!
    I know that its quite a mean joke but i couldnt help but laughing at that time....

  3. A funny joke!

    Please leave your at least I know who's the amazing person behind the comment :)

  4. Its me via LOLLLL

  5. Hey you viaaa! glad that you stopped by my blog...stay tuned vi! :)