Saturday, November 21, 2009

The weather has drastically changed in the past week. It's been raining and chilly the whole week but this morning was a sunny day with a light breeze, and the sunlight was glinting off windows and cars, and whizzy motorbikes are zipping everywhere. Jakarta is always busy day and night. I was in the car with Aunt and her family heading to our regular noodle kiosk. I had so many things to do in the list today...I started off my morning with having a breakfast with family.

Since it was a sunny day, I thought I'd wear my floral dress. It's a lovely gift from someone. I matched the dress with a vintage leaf necklace that I just recently bought. Here I'm showing you the snap shot of what I wore today.

{my all time favorite diamond flower ring. The design is customized and specially designed for my sister and I only. The design follows Chanel flower ring}
After noodle time, I went to my regular salon to have a hair spa. I was just thinking to reward my hair a little treatment. I can be very impulsive towards things sometimes. When I was at salon having my treatment, I also decided to change my usual look. I got bored with my long fringe so I decided to have it chopped off! Hoolaaa...!

{my new bangs}
I just think I look silly with my new bangs! It doesn't really work out for me. What do you think?
After getting my new bangs, I continued my day by picking up my girl friend {Jackie} from her apartment to go and watch the movie. We actually planned to watch New Moon. We both were dying to watch this second sequel of Twilight, we adore the charm of Edward Cullen {LOL}. Too bad the queue was amazingly insane, the line was starting from the ticket counter all the way up to outside's store. We rather gave up and changed the movie subject. We finally bought A Disney's Christmas Carol tickets, starred by Jim Carrey. The story is based on the book by Charles Dickens. The movie was not too bad.

Jackie is getting married! {YAY!} I finally received her invitation card! She's having the ceremony next week on the 30th and the reception will be on Dec 6th in Hyatt. I can't wait for this because I've got my dress sorted for her wedding! And, I can't afford to get any fatter because the dress has been altered to fit. I'm not gonna show my dress now, wait till the moment of truth, stay tuned guys! Below is the snap shot of Jackie's wedding invitation card. I really like the cover design.

I was supposed to meet another girl friend of mine {my friend from Uni}. She dropped by from her business trip in Medan before flying back to her hometown. But I bailed on her {I'm so sorry that I always bailed on you, Gresia, The timing was never right...}. Hope to see you one day...really one day!

How was your Saturday?

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  1. Hahahah... yeahh riteee sweetyy... Keep bailing in me!!!! T.T
    but I really do hope to see u one day! ~

    Sia ^.^