Thursday, November 19, 2009

It was cold and wet yesterday. chilly! the clock was striking eleven at night. I felt like flopping myself into the bed...and sipping a cup of hot tea. The cold weather just made me feel mopey all the times.

I was talking to my friend over MSN. She's a beautiful 27 years old Japanese woman. I was introduced to her by my sister. They used to be classmates. And, we used to hang out since then. It's almost 2 years long that we haven't met since the day I left Shanghai {that was in January 2008}. She's a very loving and big hearted person. She makes a kind and caring friend that we all like her a lot. She's now back to Tokyo working as an assistant at a local travel agency {as told by her long ago, I don't know whether she has changed her job again since she tends to change jobs a lot}. My sister went to Tokyo last year to see her...they have finally seen each other again. Unfortunately, I couldn't join the delight {I was working hard then LOL!}.

{This is Mariko, wearing her lovely yukata at her sister's wedding} 

{my sister with Mariko at one of temples in Tokyo}
I saw her online on MSN last night, I thought I'd give her a buzz since we haven't talked for ages. I was asking about her American boyfriend. As far as I know her boyfriend is in Shanghai, working and to my surprise, they are still together. I thought they were no longer together since the distance keeps them apart. I know it's not easy to maintain a long distance relationship, furthermore they live in different countries {She's in Tokyo and her boyfriend is in China}.

 {Tokyo night view}
As told by her, they first met in Japan and her boyfriend went to Shanghai to work. He doesn't even live in the center of Shanghai itself, but lives in's a small region in Shanghai that you need to travel by train to get there. I know that she crazily loves her boyfriend, that she has made a lot of sacrifices for him. When we used to study in Shanghai, she always spent her weekend to travel to Wuxi just to see her boyfriend. Her boyfriend NEVER...EVER came down to Shanghai to visit her! I always think this is so unfair to her. Why she always has to be the one who travelled all the way? why not him?
Even now that she's in Tokyo, she had to sit long hours in the flight from Tokyo to Shanghai to see her boyfriend. I asked her whether her boyfriend ever visited her in Tokyo...and she said "NO" and it shocked me. I feel so sorry for her. She said "that's ok and she still wants to be together with him". I almost fainted hearing that.

{japanese cherry blossom in the spring}
I mean...she's pretty and kind, I bet that she's the dream woman of every men. She could just easily get new boyfriend who loves her equally. The love that she has now is a one-sided love. And you can't believe this...i was told that her boyfriend was being unfaithful to her. He cheated on her. He has a sex friend. But Mariko still forgave him and remains faithful to him. Sometimes she even wondered why she loves her boyfriend that deep...! She's always dreaming of getting married, she wants to be married to that guy and has a baby from him and grows older together. But the guy doesn't want to marry her...{this didn't suprise me at all since he's American, they don't usually enjoy the commitment of being married to someone}. To me, foreigners are more like travellers or wonderers...they don't have a stable living place. They travel and work in different places across the globe chicks and fool around. I always think she's foolish but she doesn't even care what other people think of her. What she her boyfriend!

I'm really hoping that she would realize one day...

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