Friday, November 13, 2009

A little while ago, I just thought that I'd show you a tit bit of my work desk. I didn't see the harm in taking some pictures anyway! I also haven't shown you a single bit of my work desk, so here you go...

This is where I spend most of my time at lovely cubicle in the corner. This is also where I write blog posts when I have free time or during my break - but as you can see it's a bit overcrowded with photo frames. I seem to have a few photo frames living on my desk...this is the reason why I'm not willing to leave my desk even during lunch time. I usually just eat in during Monday to Thursday, and I only eat out on Friday.

Next to my cubicle, is the big glass window where I can see the view of a very prestigious Da Vinci tower. The tower is better viewed at night can see the beautiful lights shining the bustling and vibrant city of Jakarta.

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  1. not every person willing to show how their work desk look like.....

    by the way... more over... u'r beginning to be a designer... even if this refers to ur blog...
    but i think this blog is bacame beautiful and enjoyable each time i enter it..

    u have a good taste of art... ^__^


  2. Wow..its look more beautiful when you put in your blog instead when i see the reality..
    Hey, do you see the davinci tower in the night? i thought you go home very ontime..hahahaha's a good idea to tell us bout your lovely work desk..

    Keep going girl..u good on it..

  3. hello ika

    Since you like to put photo frames in the desk, you may want to use a digital photo frame?

    just a suggestion hehe...^^

  4. thanks all! I do have a good taste of art :p (LOL)

    hey...I got to see the davinci tower at night too sometimes when I stayed back at office :)

    hi ron...what's digital photo frame?

  5. It's a slide show of digital photos. Just like a small LCD showing changing photos in an interval of time.


  6. Hi Ron...thanks for your kind suggestion. But I like the old way of having photo frames to sit on my desk, otherwise the desk will look dull and boring. It will be just piles of paper works and office files. :)

    By looking at those photo frames, they give me good spirit! (LOL)