Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reap the Fruit

As I'm updating my blog every day, I'm sort of running out of the topics to write sometimes. Then I was asking around...someone that I know from Singapore has given me a glimpse of idea to write. He said may be I can write something that is self-motivational. I hope this is something that you would enjoy reading it (fingers crossed!).

I've been standing with this quote that says "We will reap what we sow". I've been brought up in a family where my mom always taught me the principle behind the quote. With this kind of upbringing, I always remember what we sow, we will reap the fruits. I must develop a lifestyle of living to give instead of living to get. You can do this in many practical ways. If you have things lying around in the house or in your storage, why not trying to give those things away to someone who could use them?

Human nature wants to hold on to everything, it's just simply the nature of us as a human being. If you have things that are not meeting your need, turn it into a seed.

You may be thinking, well, if I had more money, I would give. I know that some people think that way, and even my friends too. That way of thinking is actually wrong, you have to start where you are. You must be faithful with what you have, then God will trust you with more. You may not have so much money, but you can buy somebody's lunch or dinner every once in a while. You can say good things about someone...give somebody a kind word. You can go out of your way to pray for somebody in need.

Giving is a spiritual principle. Whatever you give will be given back to you. If you live by this principle, I'm sure you will live your best life. If you give a smile, you will receive smiles from others. If you are generous to people in their time of need, God will make sure other people will do the same in your time of need. Remember, we will reap what we sow!

I have one great real example that my friend in Shanghai is used to do. This might inspire you! Yoanna told me that she doesn't like to give away money to the needy. It's not because she's not generous, but she's afraid that there is some kind of organization that controls these beggars. She prefers her own way to give them...like when she saw an old granny who collects empty bottles, she would buy her some drinking bottles from the supermarket and she gave away those bottles (she didn't even drink it first) plus the 10 Yuan bank note.

There was one morning, she went down to the subway...on her way to work, she saw this unfortunate old man sleeping helplessly in the cold winter. She went home and took her unused blanket, sent it for laundry and the next day she carried it along with her and gave the blanket to that poor man. She even gave away her boyfriend's jacket that costs USD 200. That's really noble of her. 
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  1. this is so true..
    we can't wait until we are rich to start giving something to others.. it starts from now, with all we have right now (it doesn't always have to be money)
    we reap what we sow :)

  2. I thought i entered a wrong blog, it turns out to be a huge makeover. It's beautifully decorated! Seems you have a complete control of your blog design.

    Would like to share my opinion on the we always reap what we sow'. Sometimes, we do not reap what we have sown. There may be someone else who interferes the things that we sow, just as we can interfere the law of gravity by catching a paper that was falling from the desk. For example, we have given time, effort, energy to do a project, but the project just fails. Or, we give our smile to other, but he/she just ignores us. :(. Therefore when we sow, we may hope that it will be given back to us, and also in the same time, be prepared when it's not given back to us. and I just recall another comment from prev entry, Love is double edged knife, may also apply in the example. We love someone usually (or normally) in order to be loved in return, but he/she may love someone else in return.

    Anyway, I like what Yoanna has done with the blanket. It's very nice deed. However, i do not think i will give my special one's jacket/items to the old guy. hahaha...'bisa berantemm' hahaha.

    hehe sorry for a long comment here.

  3. When you buy something nice you feel very happy but believe me it will be more happy if you can give something to people around you

  4. Thanks guys for sharing!

    I appreciate all your comments, the way you put your personal opinion into words.

    And, Hi Ronald, don't feel bad about your lengthy comment. you are at your liberty here to write your comment as long as you want. Your point of view about my post is also true in a way.

    Stay tuned guys!

    X.o.X.o Veranica ♥

  5. The reason why I gave away his jacket is because he didn't wear it anymore. It made him look older. I already helped him buy a new one. It just turned out that the jacket cost USD 200 but he has used that for 5 winters. If you're not gonna wear that anymore, rather than letting it get rotten in your closet, I think it will be better to give it away. And he agreed :)