Monday, November 16, 2009

Shoe Fetish ♥


I step back from my cluttered room and close my eyes, half hoping that if I wish hard enough, my shoes might magically arrange themselves into the boxes. But when I open my eyes, the clutter is all still there. My sister is flying back home tomorrow morning, and I have to pack some of my shoes for her to bring back. I should have been sleeping by now, considering tomorrow is Monday that I got to work (I hate Monday so much!)

I have loads and loads of shoes (I have them everywhere like in my original home in my hometown, my apartment here in Jakarta and I have piles of boxes downstairs in my Aunt's home where I stay now). I tend to buy different pairs to match my outfits. If I don't have this pair, then this outfit won't work, and neither will this one...and the whole thing will disintegrate. That's what I will usually think, it's just a force of habit. However, I don't have many chances to wear all of the shoes I purchased. Sometimes, I just wore them once or twice...or sometimes none. I still have many pairs of new shoes that I haven't got the opportunity to wear them yet. I know this might seem a little unusual. Don't get the wrong idea, it's not that I have a shopping problem or anything.

I'm looking at the time now, it's already past midnight, I haven't finished my packing...I feel a twinge of nerves.

How about if I show you some of my shoes collections?


I like wedges too. As you can see one of my wedges in a pale creamy color below. This is a gift from my
sister that she bought over last season in Bangkok.

I ♥ wearing high heels because heels can make my legs look longer and make me feel more confident when I walk. I have different kinds of heels...formal, casual, or even edgy kinds of heels - like these gladiator pairs as you can see below.  I bought this grey gladiator pair during my recent vacation in Bangkok. And, the black strappy pair is a gift from my sister's boyfriend's mom that she bought over from Melbourne.                                                       

And last but not least...below is my favourite pair of Steve Madden heels. The size is not even my size, it's 0.5 bigger than my usual size but I still grabbed them since It's instant love when I first saw them sitting on the display. It's simple yet elegant and I also love the color too. When I slip my feet into them I feel a frisson of delight. I only wore them once, hard to walk with them as the heels are considered very high.

Wearing high heels are sometimes killing me too. I sometimes had so many plesters around my feet (LOL). Nevertheless, I still wear them everyday!

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  1. Nice shoes.. My fav the black one with yellow strip .. Where did you buy it??

    Kalo ade loe ga bisa bawa semua..elo bisa oper ke gw.. hahahaha

    Love it!!

  2. Thank you!1

    which one is that? I don't see any black shoes with yellow strap (please pardon the photos, they are a bit dark, I took the pic at night time LOL)
    so the color might confuse you.

    You certainly can have one pair of my shoes if your feet can fit into my size. I still have a lot of unused shoes in my apartment and they are still very new! ;)

  3. Same here and im a guy. Haha