Friday, November 6, 2009

Love Barrier (part 2)...based on a true love story ♥

Since my last post "♥ Love Barrier ♥" has piqued a bunch of attentions from the readers, and there has been a request as well from a friend of mine that the story should be more I'm thinking to continue the story in more details now.

The story has not actually ended yet. The most exciting part is yet to come.

There one time when my friend went home...she found her boyfriend was trying to commit suicide. He was about to leap the apartment building. He was already climbing the balcony and about to jump off. When my friend told me this, it just caught me off the guard. I once told my friend that she got to be careful with this man, especially he's a type of person who is very sensitive and emotional. I knew it! I knew something bad was going to happen one day. I already warned her.

I actually don't want to be judgmental, but anyway he's already so far out of the league. I was told that he actually just wanted to seek attention of my friend to observe how she would react if she saw her very own boyfriend trying to jump off the balcony. But he was totally wrong, it didn't actually turn my friend into loving him more but instead making the situation into an aggravation. She completely lost her feeling. He failed to turn love into more love, but instead it's like heaping pain on top of pain.

I honestly feel bad for him, it's just so foolish to have decided to kill yourself. My friend didn't even care of his emotional feeling anymore. The only thing that came across her mind was...if she found him dead, she would pack and lug her things then call police to pick up the dead body and fly back to Indo to escape from the mess. What she cared was...she did not want to get involved with police and USA Embassy.
She was screaming like a lion roaring...begging him to come down from the balcony and get inside. He finally agreed to come down and after a few minutes of drama, he suddenly burst into tears.

Everyday, they quarrel..they have disagreements and always sweat over small tiny things. This kind of relationship is too tiring. This is why they finally decided to leave each other give each other space.
However, despite of the break up, they still stay under one roof. He let my friend to stay until she finds her own place to stay.

It's not that he doesn't love her anymore...he actually still loves and wants her, it's just that things didn't work out that well. So, why would they suffer being together then?

In my opinion, in order to build a relationship, it's not just all about L.O.V.E. We need to have a very good understanding towards each other. We have to share things in common too, otherwise it's just too hard!

This love story is in the courtesy of Y.Z ♥

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  1. ola again! :)
    this story is just sad.. i hope both of them could sort this out n get the best of these experience into a solution best for each of them.

    i beg to differ in one point there..
    we need ONE thing in common there and that is how we feel to each other.. it's 'love'..
    after all the basic rule of attraction is the differences.. like + -, yin-yang, sun n moon..
    notice that the weakness of one can be covered with the strength of the other.

    besides.. if we're all the same.. life n love will be very, very dull.. :)

    i hope this help and constructive enough for the story :D


  2. hi

    wow, from the way he acted, i could tell that the guy must be so in love with your friend...
    however, sometimes thing doesn't work like what we expected to be....
    for instance, your friend's reaction was not what the guy expected....
    instead of having her love back, he just made things worsen......

    well, let's hope they could sort they problem out and take this a lesson for their life experience.

    i agreed with Anynomous said bout ONE thing in common is important, then the differences are attraction...

    if couples had too many differences, they would quarrel and have doubt towards their relationship instead of attracting each other,
    the relationship could also be dull and boring if they shared too many things in commons.

    well again, Love is like double edge knife, we need to be careful when we hold it, so it wouldn't hurt us n others....



  3. hhmmm....

    interesting continuous story...
    though we might said that 'this man is in danger... he is crazy... how can he loved your friend if he reacted those way...'
    indeed, he shows a great LOVE bout your friend.

    LOVE is similiar to 'double edged knife'... (i like this...)
    so strong that can cut every distance and principals of two different gender and two different characters into ONE yet so deadful that could hurt a couple into pieces...
    LOVE is similiar to a piece of glass...
    so transparent and pure that can put out every ego so that a couple can stick together yet so fragile if a couple couldn't hold and take a good care of it.


  4. Hi guys...

    To be honest,I still don't understand what L.O.V.E is...but I appreciate what each of you have delivered your thoughts in the comment page. I really like your thoughts though...

    It seems that you all are love experts! :)

  5. Hmm... no one is experts when it comes to L.O.V.E..... everyone is newbie, learn throughout the way, the mistakes that he/she made in their journey.....



  6. Hi Milsata...

    You seem to have experienced a lot of ups and downs in your love life, this is what makes you sound very experienced in this thingy. I like the way you have described L.O.V.E as a double edged knife...that's very impressive. And now, your statement has been widely known by the other readers. It has become popular in my blog that everyone always referred to it.

    Good luck with your love journey!

    X.o.X.o Veranica ♥

  7. wow....
    what a shocking unexpected ending story from friend of yours...

    well... i have to pull back my earlier comment bout this guy...
    not worth at all.....