Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A deadly boring meeting is finally over

The only meeting that I never like is EXCO meeting and thanks God that it's over now. Just to give you a brief introduction of EXCO, it's a monthly meeting which is attended by all Top management and our investor. They are all expats and they are hard to please {trust me!}. Our investor is actually based in Malaysia so they usually come here just to attend this meeting. I'm a poor girl who has to largely participate in this meeting because I have to prepare anything from A to Z, I even take their order for coffee and prepare for their lunch. I thought this month's EXCO would be the last EXCO this year considering we skipped the EXCO last year December 08. It shocked me to find out that we'll be having another EXCO meeting next month, but the date has not yet been confirmed {I'll be praying hard enough to wish that it won't be another EXCO for next month}. EXCO has completely drained me every time. I always missed my lunch and can only drool over the food prepared in front of me. I had to remain seated in the board meeting room for 4-5 hours to take minutes of the meeting because at the end I will have to generate the minutes report and submit to all of them. Sometimes it's a challenge for me since they all speak different accent of English. One is speaking English with a strong French accent and one is speaking really Aussie accent and one is speaking British English and so on. Well...so that pretty much sums up what EXCO is.

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  1. Hahaha... sounds really busyy to prepare one meeting verrr ^.*
    but u've been working there for like a year now, am i rite? so u'll be fine for next month EXCO :)
    It'll be ur last EXCO meeting sweety...

    aaarghh i know how it feels drooling over a food in front of u but u can't eat.... i'm experiencing it now (the food rite before me!!!!~~) I'm just afraid if i eat the food, i'll gain weight soon T.T hiksss


  2. but I really hate it. I'm not a big fan of meeting LOL

    no worries, you work-out so you can eat. I don't work out so I have to refrain myself from getting fatter. LOL