Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I just finished watching this movie called "Ramen Girl", starred by Brittany Murphy. The movie was Ok. The story is about an American slacker {Brittany} who got dumped by her boyfriend in Tokyo, she runs into an unlikely place - a local ramen house run by a cranky old japanese man who barely speaks a word of English. She convinces him to teach her the art of ramen preparation. She wants to learn how to cook a to make a super delicious broth!

After the movie, I was just thinking that I would share the tit bit of me...starting from simple stuffs like what things I like to do etc.

Blogging {Yay!}
Blogging is part of my ritual now...HA! Welcome...welcome to blogging world! This is what that has been keeping me awake till late at night.

I don't usually wear make up on daily basis, even to office I don't wear make up at all. I just use my lip care (because I have chapped lips). That is why I usually look plain. But don't get a wrong signal here, it doesn't mean that I don't like make up at all...I love it when it comes to special events when I have to sit in front of my vanity desk and play with my brushes {debut time LOL!} - one of my favorite things to do is to get ready for the night! Call me girly or whatever you name it but I truly enjoy getting all dolled up for the evening. I never knew how to apply on make up till when I was in my second year of Uni. I saw a friend of mine doing her make up and I admit she's pretty good in that thingy...I literally learned how to use one too and of course with a help of my sister. She knows more than me! It's not easy to be looking good but sure it's fun!

{these are just half of my make up kits}

 {I ♥ my brushes and eye make up tools}


I collect this Japanese magazine called 'VIVI'. The content it has is all about fashion and make up tutorial. It can be a good guidance for me sometimes. Since it's an imported magazine so the price is such a rip-off ....I usually buy it outside the country as it's relatively cheaper.

 {my VIVI collections sitting nicely inside the cupboard}

{2 Chinese editions of VIVI}

Besides reading fashion magazines, I do read books too (but they must be in English). I prefer to read light books than heavy readings. I love the shopaholic editions by Sophie Kinsella. All her books are witty and hilarious - a laugh read! Not only fiction, I also read non-fiction books ...something like a self-motivational book. I also have a lot of interior and design books at home. They can be a good reference for me.

{my book collections}

{this book was recommended by a cousin of mine, the book has somehow taught me how to be a positive person}

Get Painted
What would you possibly think by just looking at the above title? HA! I love to have my nails painted!
Just imagine: winding down from a tiring week or preparing for a wedding reception or gearing up to take up a vacation can be relaxing when you're at a salon to get a manicure and a pedicure. It's an exhilarating feeling to have my feet immersed in the basin of warm water and get cleansed. Regardless of having loads of nail polish at home, I still opt for getting manicure and pedicure at salon because salon beauticians have the right tools and know the right procedures to make your hands and feet smooth and beautiful.

 {my nail polish collections ♥}
Do you know that manicures began 5,000 years ago in India, when henna was used as nail polish? And, the history of pedicures originated in Ancient Egypt.

Call me girly or whatever you name it...I love to collect accessories especially bangles and cuffs!

{my bangle collections - I ♥ my animal bangle collections}

{I keep my accessories inside a red box}

{my ring collections}

So guys...these pretty much sum up about me (but this doesn't stop me from writing more - just wait for other future posts LOL!) It's getting late now, time for me to turn in. I feel like curling up myself already in the bed. Good night guys and Adios~

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  1. Ika are you make up artist?? hahahah

  2. LOL!

    I'm not, but I can do a free make up trial for you hahahaha

  3. Remember that you ever taught me once how to wear false lashes? it's perfect!

    Thank's Ika..

    Teach me something else..please.. ;)