Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Seeing row after row of lavender stretching out in front of you in a soft purple haze, is a beautiful sight. The fragrance hangs in the air and seems to soothe and tranquilize one's senses.


Poem: Lavender

The unforgettable beauty of lavender
Occurs in both the earth
And in the colors of the sky.
An aromatic flower,
As well as part of the many changing
shades of the daily heavens on high.
The creamy color of the sky,
Color of orchid dawn,
Is quickly there, and then is gone.
Light violet, lavender,
How unique is its special glow,
Colored in nature in light lilac,
Amethyst, and airy, purple indigo.

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  1. cie cie lavender girl.... your blog is getting better now, looking classic n beautiful. :)


  2. (LOL!) thanks ricky! :) I like it now too!

    yes, it's getting better n better...and still improving btw!

    I should thank to you for my blog name. It's a very unique beautiful name, indeed! everyone likes it! And thanks to all your critics...(you know..that i always run to you to ask for your opinion LOL)