Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Only 15 days until Christmas...

I'm beyond thrilled! Christmas is coming really soon and I can feel the true spirit of Christmas is all around. I want this special feeling to last all year long and that is the inspiration for this blog post.

I finished shopping for our office's Christmas celebration yesterday and I can't wait for the day to will be on the 15th. I was chosen to be one of the Christmas committee to organize for this event. Yesterday we spent exactly 5 hours to buy all those kinds of Christmas decorations. We also ended up buying Christmas tree and Santa costume {Yay!}. Since we were given a tight budget from the office, we had to haggle! We popped into a few shops to get the best things with the best bargain. It was a tiring shopping trip indeed in a very sunny day {woohoo!} but at least we've got everything that we basically need.

Today, I'll be giving out this card to everyone in the office. It's a handmade card whose idea was actually coming from me {*grin*}. And it was designed by our office's graphic designer. Isn't it lovely, guys?

I still got a lot to do for this event. Just be patient for the next update and more pictures.

Christmas waves a magic wand...and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. I love the kinder hearts of people who are more generous and more forgiving during this time of year. I love the excitement of decorating and the anticipation of waiting for Santa to arrive. I know that it sounds so fairytale, but I really wish that Santa does exist - because I've got my Christmas wish list. All I want for Christmas is....a Happiness. I love the dazzle of the lights and the twinkle in the children's eyes. I love the merriment of parties and friendship. I love Christmas.

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  1. I LOVE CHRISTMAS too.. I Love christmas tree, I love to listen the christmas song, I love the air during this December... give me little spirit.. Christmas is is near.. hahahahah

    Let's make this christmas celebration unforgetable for every one in office..

    Christmas Comittee

  2. yes..! let's have a rocking time because it's time to rejoice!

    let's make this event to be an unforgettable memory that will last a lifetime :)

    Christmas Committee rocks!