Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kiss the sky

I have actually seen this ZARA dress in Jakarta but I didn’t buy it until when I went on my holiday to Europe, I couldn’t resist myself not to buy it. I can't remember where it is exactly i got the dress. I think it's in Frankfurt. It’s a symmetric dress that is so summery – which is just perfect for my season.
It’s a dress that I tucked it into my shorts :p

Floral dress: ZARA
Shorts: Vintage
Pearly Bracelet: Sydney
Hat: Bandung
Shoes: Steve Madden
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  1. you have got an amazing style! :O
    love this blog ♥ I'll follow! :) ♥
    could u please look at my first blog? it's about fashion too, and I need some advices from good bloggers.
    I'd be thankful ♥

  2. Hi loveberry! thanks for following!
    yes, i will look at your blog. of course :)

  3. waw, i saw your lookbook first, after that i saw your blog .i love your face,very cutee :)
    and i like your floral dress too anyway!
    wanna exchange link with me darl?

  4. Thanks dear! :D

    yes of course! will check out yours too!