Friday, September 14, 2012

There is no blue without yellow and without orange

After a long pause that this blog seems to be disappearing from its existence, I've finally come back strong this time! LOL. Well...the reason for not having this blog updated is because my schedule has been hectic. Time flies, a lot of things happening within these few months.The good news is I just got married in July. My apology for not having my weeding updates in this blog since I wanna keep it private ; ).

And the most importantly why I was lacking a lot of blog posts is that I no longer have someone reliable to take my photos. : ( I used to have my twin sister to take all my blog photos but she's now busy being a mom! {I'm so ecstatic for having my first niece - she's soooo adorable!!}
I missed those times when I used to sit in front of my laptop for hours to blog and how ironic that I don't have the time to blog now.

Okay that's enough with the excuses, let's go back to what I'm supposed to do here LOL...Here is the outfit post. I'm always a huge fan of bright, electric blue, mustard yellow or anything you name it I can do it all! I'm currently obsessed with my new Tory Burch bracelet {golden rod} that I even wear it almost every day : ). The official Tory Burch store just opened in Singapore..i think they opened about 3 stores in Singapore which are in Ion, Wisma Atria and Paragon Shopping Malls. Such a good thing that they have it in Singapore now which I find it very handy to buy items from Tory Burch =D

Shoes : BEBE
Dress : Miss Selfridge
Cropped outer : Normi
Bracelet : Tory Burch 
Clic Clac Bracelet : Hermes

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