Thursday, September 20, 2012

When I meet Chanel

How's life treating you today? I hope everyone had a good time today :)

I began to reminisce the olden times when I first got sucked into this whole bag world. Hmm...I began to carry a designer bag when I was still doing my study in Shanghai and my first ever bag were the Monogram Speedy Louis Vuitton bag that was purchased in Paris and the canvas Gucci bag, also purchased in Paris.
I went to this Lafayette Gallery where I got my first lovestruck at all designer bags {LOL}. My first thought when i was there was "If I had all the money in the world, I would sweep over every each of them!!" HAHA~

I remember that Monogram LV was like the new Celine nowadays, it was so popular that you can find every girls around the globe carry one on the street! and gradually the replicas were sold across the globe! This is a reason why I ended up getting one in Paris, because I used to be one of Monogram fans but not anymore now. I stashed my Monogram bags to the back of my closet until I decided to give them away. I generously gave my 2 Monogram LV bags to my Mom's sister and my Monogram LV Speedy to my Mom. I hope they can take a good care of those bags better than I did.

After the LV's period, I transitioned to the period when I began to adore CHANEL, especially their classic collections. I'm always a huge fan of Chanel up to this date! and this will never ever change...! The design is always classy and timeless, that I might be able to pass all my CHANEL bags to my daughter one day *grin*.

Below, I'm wearing one of my Chanel bag collections called Chanel Grand Shopper Tote {GST} in black caviar skin and gold chain. The bag was purchased in Melbourne long ago and thanks to my sister for carrying the bag all the way from Melbie.
Also, wearing my old neck-plunging blouse from H&M, purchased long long time ago in H&M Shanghai. but thanks to the good quality they had used that the blouse is still in its good term after the 6 years hung on my closet. Paired the blouse with my tulip skirt from ZARA. Walking in suede gold heels also from ZARA. And, last but not least...the YSL arty ring is never off my finger. =D

Blouse : H&M
Eyewear : Rayban Aviators
Skirt : Zara
Heels : Zara
Bag : Chanel
Ring : Yves Saint Laurent

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