Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Red Devil

I always try to keep you updated with my current looks and today's look is all about the over-sized cardigan that I was wearing in my latter photos. I think, the best place to learn about creating your own look is from your very own closet! This is what I usually do at home when boredom strikes. I like to mix both old and new pieces from my closet and play them around and see how they turn out. And as a result {if you can notice from my blog} I always create all different looks.

Frankly speaking, blogging is always be a part of my fashion journal and through blogging I can convey my creativity and imagination in term of fashion and my own looks of dressing elegantly and colorfully.

Fashion is beautiful because it changes all the time, giving to real creative minds the chance to express themselves. My advice to you is don't hesitate to try something different and create your own look with your creative mind and originality is something important too! Just take some risks and leave a mark! ;)

The over-sized cardigan is one great piece that I found from my favorite store ZARA. I find it very sensuous and pretty. Paired it with a black studded top from ZARA and a red pencil skirt from Pull & Bear. The skirt is sexy that it actually accentuates my body figure. I love to wear pencil skirts since I have the right body figure to fit in.
I was carrying my Prada Saffiano bag. It's so far one of my favorite bags to date! The bag was a real hit last time. I'm so in love with the red color of this was hard to find and at the end it was found at Prada in Frankfurt. If anyone is looking for my color, the color code is Fuoco. I'm aware that Saffianos are sold in many different sizes and types. Some comes with either single or double zippers, and some comes with no zipper. They come in different shapes too. Hence, please pay attention to the code of the one you're aiming for!

Wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin patent leather pump heels. The size is actually one size smaller from my normal size, purchased in Sydney and supposed to be a wedding gift from my younger brother but he bought the wrong size by mistake :(

Top : ZARA
Cardigan : ZARA
Skirt : Pull&Beart
Shoes : Christian Louboutin
Bag : Prada Saffiano
Bracelet : Mango Touch by MANGO
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  1. You look great. I really like your silver jumper. I would like to invite you to my blog. Visit it when you have time ;)