Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Dawn

The weather was impeccable for taking a couple of shoots that I thought I could put up on my blog. It was sunny and a bit of breezy.

This was my first time wearing my orangey's actually a one-piece dress that goes perfectly with the laced top. The top actually belongs to my Mum that she recently bought, but I nicely asked whether I could have it and deem it as my own and she said YES!

Dress: Vintage
Top: Vintage
Purse: CHANEL {Classic Chanel - lamb skin with gold chain}
Shoes: Asos
Nail polish: OPI - Pamplona Purple
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  1. I just found your blog and I'm browsing through it and I'm starting to find it hard to pick a favourite look :) I really like your style!
    this outfit looks so beautiful and yet so comfy! I specially love the top and your ring ;)

  2. Thank you dear! glad knowing that you like my style and happy that you seem to enjoy browsing thru my blog!!!