Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stairway to Heaven

Orange. It's vibrant and energetic and seems to be the most exciting color trend of Spring/Summer 2011 fashion season. Many designers used orange in plenty of their collection like Prada and Marni who used the hottest tints of orange creating the illusion of fabrics burning on skin.

This time, I opted for this particular orange dress that's 'burning' on my skin and combined it with neutral color like this brown outer wear, both from Miss Selfridge.

 I visited my sister's house last Sunday and it occurred to me that the stairs at her house would be a great spot for taking pictures. Don't you think so too?
Orange has been one of my favorite colors and I realize that I bought a lot of orange clothes lately. I think I need to stop buying items of the same color!

Dress: Miss Selfridge
Cardigan: Miss Selfridge
Heels: Asos
Necklace: Vintage

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  1. wooow ! love your blog ;) followed :)

  2. Thanks sweetlove, Faye! :)

    Hope you enjoy reading it! xx

  3. hey, do you live in Indonesia? how do you purchase things from asos? :D