Saturday, July 23, 2011

I reminisce on those past times

I really miss the winter times that I used to have in Sydney and Shanghai from years way back. Sydney's winters are relatively mild compared to winters in Shanghai. Shanghai's winters are way much colder that I froze like a little chipmunk needed a hug from its mother.

And, I still remember the frozen winter in Korea. I visited in December last year and it was bitter, bitter cold! I don't get any winter here, so imagine how I envy those people who get to experience winter in their home country. But I still feel lucky that I could fly to those European cities where I can take all of my old winter clothing out of my wardrobe to showcase, and of course with a beautiful pair of black stockings!

Here you can see, I tried to pull off this ensemble that reminds me of those winters!

Wearing my new Zara skirt that was recently bought from London, paired it with the mustard top that I find it very comfortable to wear that I can't be bothered to wear it most of times. And of course with a beautiful touch of my lamb-skin Chanel bag that I bought quite years ago in Sydney.

I really love the color combo that I pulled off in this look, what you think?

I love the striking blue color of my suede heels. I got them from Zara and they are really comfortable to wear. But I don't wear many heels in this town though, I tend to keep them in my wardrobe. I got nearly 60 pairs of shoes in my wardrobe and I rarely wear them. I prefer to wear wedge type of shoes here as they are easy and light to wear and I can walk in them without having a foot cram!

Skirt: Zara
Bag: Chanel
Heels: Zara
Belt: Charles & Keith

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  1. beautiful look!

  2. wow I really like your outfit! :D the colours are amazing!
    & believe me, we do have Winter here (even if it's not the coldest one) and it's not so pleasant... but I do get your point ;)