Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm a rebel

One day I can dress up so girly and another day I can be boyish. I love to play with my outfits and really enjoy mixing one with another.

 what do you think? do you prefer me looking girly and elegant or laid-back and boyish?
I was so in love with these ankle boots the moment I saw it at the Singapore Airport. I was on my way back to Jakarta, just before the boarding time I coincidentally passed this store called Witchery. It's a very well-known store that is no stranger to me anymore since my college times in Sydney. It's so surprising to find this store in the Singapore Airport. I couldn't wait long anymore so I quickly asked for my size and voila! they actually got my size and it was a last pair! I felt so lucky!! :)

I have actually been searching for this kind of boots for so long! Now I'm thrilled to actually own these~! Love the material and they are comfortable to walk!

Ankle Boots: Witchery
Knit sweater: Vintage
Ripped shorts: Vintage
Ring: Yves Saint Laurent

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  1. what a great shoes, so adorable!