Friday, July 29, 2011

My heart skips a beat

Hello everyone! If you've been following my blog, you know that I really enjoy mixing colors in clothing. Fashion is an art, if you don't consider yourself artistic, understanding color theory can help you match colors in your closet and coordinate your clothes to create stylish outfits for every mood and occasion

Wearing pieces from Mphosis {blouse} and H&M {skirt}. I got the blouse from Singapore and the draped skirt from Hongkong.

{See below} Wearing a YSL Arty ring in turquoise, borrowed from my sister. I got one too but in coral. However mine is one bigger size than my sister's since they got mixed up with our order. We ordered both in size 5 for turquoise and coral, but they ended up giving me the wrong size! If you've been following my blog, you must have seen me a lot wearing my YSL ring :)
The clogs are surprisingly very light and comfortable to wear. They are the best buy! :)
Blouse: Mphosis
Skirt: H&M
Clogs: Charles & Keith
Ring: Yves Saint Laurent -YSL

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  1. love the ring and the skirt! :)

  2. beautiful drapes! the colors are just divine!

  3. pretty! color blocking never goes wrong :)