Monday, July 25, 2011

I have a crush on Monday

Oh Monday! Monday has quickly come...time flies like a bullet train! I know that most people hate mondays, unlike me! any day seems the same to me anyway since I got to work everyday. I can't even differentiate which weekday nor weekend...

Another outfit post from me...hope you enjoy it! Have an awesome Monday everyone! :)
Looking elegantly in a one-piece Zara dress, accessorized with a necklace bought from Scotland, and a pair of Tony Bianco heels.

Tony Bianco really has an undeniable gorgeous shoes collection! Loving this satin cobalt blue heels that go perfectly with the dress.
A dress will never be complete without a piece of necklace. it's such a beautiful necklace, borrowed from my sister. It's actually her recent purchase from Scotland. It was a last piece in the store or otherwise I would've got one too :)
 Dress: Zara
Shoes: Tony Bianco

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  1. you look so elegant and chic in these photos!
    you've got a really good sense of style!

    I hope we can be blogger friends and follow each other.:)

  2. I love your blue shoes, really amazing!!
    And, very nice blog :) definitly following.
    Check mine of you like:

  3. @Magna: Thank u so much for following my blog!
    PS: I just visited your blog ;)

    @Mestizay: Thank you for your beautiful comment!
    PS: yes, let's be blogger friends! :) followed!