Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Iconic Skull Scarf

Another Saturday has come, it's been 3 months since the whole marriage thingy. Things have been back to normal, just day-to-day routines...I realized that I've been yelling a lot to my staffs lately. They always make me upset because their works have not been done in accordance to my standard! sigh ~~

Hence, I decided to take a day off today from work, Just trying to put myself aside from some problems that I am now facing at the office. I thought by staying at home, I could have my mind not to think about work but it apparently didn't work. My phone kept ringing this whole afternoon...arrghhh!!

I'm glad that my brother is finally home. He just came back from his Sydney trip and he brought me a lot of new goodies...YAYY!! :D He bought me this pair of Tony Bianco classic pump shoes. These classic pump have become one of Mr.Bianco's best seller shoes. The design is simple and genius! Great with every outfit and every girl needs these!

I took the shoes for a little walk...I went out with hubby since he was off from work too today :)

I was in my casual look in grey denim and my old blouse that I've been having it forever. Bought it during my Uni days in Sydney. I occassionally go to my closet and sort all the clothes to give away some the unworn ones and those that I already get bored with, but not this blouse! i just love it...the blouse is just flattering with some gold sequins in the neckline area. 

 There are a few fashion items that I consider a must-have and this skull scarf by Alexander Mcqueen is one of them! This iconic skull scarf has instanly become a hit since a lot of Hollywood celebrities such as the supermodel Kate Moss, Mary Kate and Johnny Deep were seen wearing the scarves. The skull print has ever since been reworked across his collections and accessories lines. Mine was purchased in London from the famous Harrods. It's definitely one of my sartorial investments. Just perfect to transform my casual boring look to the edgy look!

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