Friday, October 19, 2012

A withered flower blooming again

This post and the latter post are going to be all about blazers! Blazer is one of those clothing items that will never go out of style. The piece itself is very androgynous; it can be feminine or it can be masculine, it can dress an outfit up or it can dress it down. For instance, if you are going to a meeting and if you throw on a blazer over practically anything, you will look more sophisticated and ‘business’ and if you’re going out and your dress is a bit too revealing, you can throw on a blazer and suddenly look sexy, but sophisticated.

We all have at least one in your closet - if you don't, you definitely should!

Below, I was wearing my new blazer from Bardot. Another new piece that my brother got me with his girlfriend's assistance for picking it out. I should've given her a credit on her pick! The blazer is very flattering and sophisticated, made of satin and full of flowery patterns. Since the blazer is already full of colors so I wanted to tone it down by keeping it all white inside. I really love this whole look that I created and I hope this could be inspiring for you guys.

I never forget to wear my over-sized sunnies. It's the best accessory for my eyes. Wearing the over-sized shades from Chloe. One of my best eye-wear investments!
 Covered the handle of my Celine with a scarf from Coach. It just gives a bag a little twist.

Top : Forever 21
Skirt : BYSI
Blazer : Bardot
Eyewear : Chloe
Bag : Celine {Trapeze}
Shoes : Steve Madden
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