Monday, October 15, 2012

Paris Londres New York

If you notice that I rarely smile in my photos, is because I just find it awkward to smile by showing my teeth. I got these bunny front teeth that I always try to keep them concealed {LOL}. I feel more confident not to smile in my photos with my eyes covered with the over-sized shades. I always need my over-sized shades for my blog shoots, is just something that I usually carry in my bag. It's one great way too to cover my bare face. I love my Chloe over-sized shades and lately I've been stealing my hubby's RayBan Aviators.

I was wearing a black&white blazer from Bardot Australia, and a white sheer sleeveless top that says "Paris London New York" inside.  A pair of  flowery shorts to add the feminine effect of the whole look.
Paris is always a good idea, don't you think? Fashion week happens twice a year and the most prominent fashion weeks are held in the major capitals of the world like New York City, London, Milan and Paris with New York beginning each season and the other cities following in aforementioned order.

Bag : Salvatore Ferragamo
Blazer : Bardot
Shoes : ASOS
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