Thursday, September 2, 2010

When summer acts like a winter

Since I was back to my home country, I never experienced any autumn or winter again. We have no winter here. That is sad! I had to put asides all my winter clothes. I can only wear them when I go and visit those cold countries, that doesn't sound so bad after all.

I've been living in 3 different countries besides my own home country (that would make it 4!). I really miss those bright, cold, dazzling winter days when I could wear my trench coat or my faux fur vest. Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth. it's the time for home! :)

When i used to live in Shanghai, winter is the time when I could smell of roasted chestnuts along the streets.

Faux Fur vest: ZARA
Dress: Lucia
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  1. i'm never bored to visit your blog, dear :) i love the combination between the fur and dress, gorgeous <3 you'be been living in shanghai? you must be fluent in mandarin.. :)

  2. thank u dear :)

    haha nope, i never used the language since i left Shanghai. too bad, isnt it?
    I didn't stay long there, it wasn't sufficient enough to master the language :)

  3. lovely dress! i like your blog :)
    visit mine, hope we can share abt fshion hehe
    anw i also wait for your next look on lookbook! :)