Monday, September 20, 2010

My short break - Day 1

My recent holiday was spent going with the folks to Singapore. After a busy week at office that caused a fuzzy headache, it was nice to have a short break to somewhere else. It doesn't have to be somewhere far. So I thought Singapore would be the perfect destination to go since Universal Studio seems to be the perfect reason to make this place to be on some people's travelling list. I spent 4 nights in Singapore, but i was suffering from a nasty stomach cram for 2 days, and that made my holiday didn't seem to be that great after all.

Below are some photos taken on Day 1.

{My dear friend - Me - My sister's future mother in law - My twin}
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  1. ur twin it's so looks a like with you. you two hv a great style :) love it

  2. we looked so much alike before when we were kids.

    haha...Thanks! :)