Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Universal Studio

Here are some photos taken on Day 2 that I went to Universal Studio. The studio is not completely operating, it's still the soft opening. Not many rides are operating yet. But since I'm not a huge fan of rides, so it doesn't really matter for me either. The weather was sizzling hot that day, but still managed to take many photos...thanks to my shades! LOL

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  1. I ove these photos.
    And oyur blog is great,too.
    Will defenitely check it out more often :)

  2. great pics! enjoyed your posts. :) btw, what colors are the longchamp bags they're carrying?;) also, can you do a post about the stuff you carry in your purse? ;) will appreciate it.. thanks!

  3. hai...salam kenal
    mampir juga di blog saya

  4. Hi Veranica :) i´m still waiting for your next post :) i miss them :(

  5. @TralalaHana: Hi dear...sorry for being away for so long. i think it's been ages that i havent updated my blog. I was busy with work stuff.
    glad to hear that u miss my post LOL
    Here im gonna have my new post ...hope u enjoy!

    @Kooky: the colors of the long champ bags are neon yellow and lilac. :)
    yea of course..what a great idea to post about the stuff in my purse!