Thursday, September 22, 2011


It's been a while.

I just came back from my short trip to Singapore, and here {below} are my recent purchases.
While shopping at Ion Orchard the other day, I felt an intense sense of happiness over all the Prada bags. So I stormed into the store. I laid my eyes on this particular model {below} in black. My mind immediately thought that I had to get one of these. The bag is simply GORGEOUS!!
However, one of the store attendants offered me in navy blue. He said the navy blue color is so much nicer and they are so limited that only came in 1-2 pieces. While black came in like 20s. After giving a wise thought...I finally decided to get the bag in navy blue as suggested by the store attendant. :)

The color is more like a dark blue that is close to black so I think I can still match it with a lot of outfits. It's simplicity is striking. Sometimes that speaks volumes for a bag. There is a bit of urban meets sophisticated meets casual, which works entirely well for this bag.
And what more about the bag is that it got the adjustable strap that can be worn in many ways. It can be worn as a satchel. The strap can be adjusted in either long or short ways...anything you name it! I'm really over the moon to finally own this Prada bag!

Besides the gorgeous Prada bag, I also got me a new YSL clutch in Aqua color.
For those days, one for these YSL clutches would be a fun thing to have. YSL went for bright colors like plum, orange, brownish red, electric blue, navy blue, aqua, and many more. They come in 2 types of material too, soft leather and patent leather. Mine is patent leather in Aqua. The clutch is very irresistible that I wanna get it in every colors! :)
I think the clutch can go well with my silk Zara dress in green.

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  1. The bag is really gorgeous. It's simple yet sophisticated and it goe very well together indeed :) I miss your posts, though...:(