Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This post should have been posted 2 days ago but I just got extremely tired to do it. I went to Pattaya 2 days ago with my twin and her husband, my cousin, my twin's sister in law and my aunt. We were supposed to stay at this super exotic place called Mirage, but we somehow ended up not staying there and we just went straight back to Bangkok. Mirage is a 5-stars beach resort designed to be the first truly themed hotel in Thailand. This unique and exciting lost world themed hotel is such a great escape for people to enjoy the tranquillity of the city. After visiting Mirage, we went to watch this super amazing show called Tiffany show, played by the transsexual gender dancers.

Below, I'm showing you some photos that were taken at Mirage. I was wearing my new scallop shorts. The shorts are cute and chic.

My cousin and I

My twin and I

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